Yes, yes and thrice yes!
Though I fling my voice to the heavens
And though they do echo me
With the same resonant tones
With the same truth and beauty
For they know that you are light
And they know that I am light
Still – will you hear me
Will you believe me when I say
Yes, yes and thrice yes!

Robert C Day (Inspired by Zigyasa at

4 thoughts on “Yes

  1. ooo! that’s the word! sestina. a patterned repetition of six words. never can seem to inspire much past the second or third repitition….my opinion… but i did get up a raspberry coke scone recipe ! anyways to the thrice yes. I like 3’s traditionally my favorite lucky number. god is within the odd. the short version of this puns on mathmetics which is dangerous when i know so little but one the symbolic harmony or god universe…everything…. but the tree of myth biblically saying adam and eve ate of it was 2 2 people and the second judgement…attained because without comparison where is judgment?…even 😉 but we return to the odds in 3’s we don’t have a point in ones or area in twoslines but no space… it ccan feel near limitless but it is finite….. such and so on. thrice yes. god is within the odds. anyways thanks for stopping by so did i.

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