It’s just a blank wall to some.
But I see angels and demons.
I see what is inside of me.

If at any time, I couldn’t get in touch with how I felt, I always knew that I could just stare at a wall. If I saw smiles then I was happy and if I saw frowns then I was sad. It was as straightforward as that.

And in that simplistic way we have of searching for explanations after the event, I find a snippet from an old psychology class that tells me that we project what we feel (onto blank walls).

I wrote those words because I am stuck. Wheels spinning. Mud flying.

The thing is – I’m in a strange place with my writing.

At a crossroads.


Another simplistic explanation anyone?

Okay – I blame it on the Open University Creative Nonfiction module I’m trying to engage with. You see – it involves telling the truth.

It’s not that I have any particular problem with telling the truth. No. It’s more that I prefer to embellish the truth a little. I like to add things on like a man might apply polish to his boots, or a woman might like to add earrings, a necklace, bangles, a belt and a handbag to her outfit.

I like to feel that I’m free to land alien spaceships on my front garden at a time of my choosing. But to write about this would be false.

That, and I’ve been eating too much sugar and chocolate. It’s left me a bit demotivated.

So there you have it – a picture of me right now.

In words.

64 thoughts on “Ekphrasis

  1. Don’t all good storytellers embellish the truth in one way or another? On the flip side, when certain details of a story are skipped because they’re irrelevant and/or boring, we could say that the storyteller omitted parts of the truth, couldn’t we? What’s true or not isn’t always that simple.

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