New Book Idea


A screaming howl into the mad depths of a psychokiller.

I wrote a novel a couple of years back called Behind Bootham. It featured a love triangle and was a mushy kind of book – a love story because I thought that it would be the easiest kind to write. And it was.

The tale was told from the points of view (POV) of two of the people in the love triangle. Now I want to write a sequel from the POV of the third party. There were intimations that he might have been mentally imbalanced. That he might have been a killer.

It’s time to find out the truth.


55 thoughts on “New Book Idea

  1. That’s amazing!!! cant wait to see the twists and turns, the roller coast rides your brain is going to take us… I think I am more excited!!!

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  2. Incidentally, been looking at your goodreads under these comments, but doesn’t link to your goodreads account so I can nose, always looking for good books, can I friend you on fb so I can? Grin. If you’re on fb. I have the same name there and on goodreads as here and on OU.

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  3. I am reading a book in German right now, were the main character is the killer…So, you read the story told by and thus through the eyes of the killer. Is it going to be something similar? Anyway, I am intrigued too πŸ™‚

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