When I lay back on the bed the room starts spinning. I haven’t had a drink in 25 years – what’s this all about please? Its quite a pleasant sensation actually but I wouldn’t want it to happen when I’m stood up. Nothing hurts and my ears feel fine. It’s been happening for three days now but nothing else is affected. I’m puzzled.

In other news:

  • I’m eating too much sugar
  • I’m eating too much – period
  • I’m in a tropical country
  • I’m mosquito bitten – slightly
  • I’m worried about my job
  • I’m coping very well.

On a completely different note I would love to give up my job and concentrate on writing as a career. I think that before I go that though I need to see if it is possible to make money from my prose. I need to grow a pair and release my stuff into the world in a format that people can pay money for, if they wish.

I’m feeling like it’s entirely possible for me to edit other people’s work into publishable shape so it’s theoretically possible for me to do the same for mine. Practically, though … I need to keep working at it. Confidence? Perhaps I need to treat my work more dispassionately. Hmm. Thoughts before sleeping.


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