Sofa Dwarfs

I have a niece who, having almost finished university, is working in a coffee shop (or something like that). As well as being smart as a whip, she also happens to be rather pretty so I suggested she should be a model (yeah, it sounded as weird coming out of my mouth as you might expect).

Truth be told, as well as being intelligent and easy on the eye, she is also quite petite, so when she heard my suggestion, she laughed and said that she was too small for that. That’s when I suggested that perhaps she could be a Sofa Dwarf. All credit to her – she managed to laugh again.

aaaHere’s the thing – when furniture stores sell sofas, they want their overstuffed easy chairs to look as big as possible, so instead of plonking some amazonian lady on them, they actively look for petite people to be photographed on the plush cushions – Sofa Dwarfs.

My niece would be absolutely ideal for this because she is perfectly proportioned for her height and so would make even a tiny sofa look absolutely huge. I reckon that this would be an ideal job for her until she finds something more befitting her intelligence than doling out coffee to Joe Public – what do you think?


14 thoughts on “Sofa Dwarfs

  1. There is an agency in the Uk, who hires and works with people who happen to be too short or haven’t got the right size (according to supposedly important agencies)…So, maybe your niece should try!


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