Lobster Ink & Dame Judy

Travelling is a funny thing to do in this age of green ethics and conservation sensibilities. Personally, I’d much rather stay at home and save all those greenhouse gases being produced on my behalf.

But on the plus side, one does get to meet some rather interesting people.

I just spent some time chatting with the concierge of the Hilton Hotel in Gatwick and he was telling me about the training they go through. One of his favourite platforms, as he calls them, is Lobster Ink.

He says that he loves the videos – they are very high quality and suitable for all kinds of employees. He was first taken on by Hilton in his home country of Turkey and it was his experience there that led him to to tell me about his only complaint with the Lobster Ink platform – the lack of subtitles to supplement the fact that the only language available is English.

He says the training would be a lot more far reaching and understandable with this simple addition. So come on, Lobster – pull your finger out – subtitles please!

In a different note, I spent some time with Dame Judy Dench today. She was born in York, the city I now call home. And today, I ate dinner (pizza, salad and fries) with her.

Let me confess here, before you get too awestruck, that I am misleading you a little. All I did really was eat whilst watching a programme on BBC 2 about her life. Hahaha, right? Well okay – suit yourself.

It was an interesting show. They were all saying really nice things about her range as an actor and I was there thinking okay, yeah – nice enough, but not that good; not really. I mean, she’s a sweet girl and all. But then again, what do I know – philistine that I am.

And on that random note, I wish you goodnight. It’s almost time for bed. See you on the other side. 🙂