Planning for Next Assignment

Next assignment is due in February – time to get cracking.

I’ve decided to cast myself as an unreliable narrator. I’ll have conversations with the family and tease out instances where I remember things one way and others remember things differently. That shouldn’t be difficult.

What I’ll end up with is an autobiographical piece where the reader is left guessing as to which parts of my narrative will be fact and which will be fantasy. The story will weave in episodes of my life – both real and imagined, as well as elements of what happened in the ‘news’.

There will be congruencies and incongruences between me, the alter-me and the world. Foreshadowing and flashbacks will abound and there will be clues, much the same as in a detective story. These will point the reader here and there, but in the end – the story will take us elsewhere.

I will need to research unreliable narrator stories, and how they work. Anderson (105-7) has some nice pointers, including this: ‘we are inclined to trust first-person narratives’. Perfect!

Question – am I more suited to be a bigot, madman, innocent, liar, or just one who is ignorant of my own foibles?

Of course I need to watch some movies in this genre – suggestions would be gratefully received. I will take apart the movies forensically so that I can determine what makes them tick. This kind of research is indistinguishable from fun!

If I fancy straying onto the cutting edge then maybe I’ll read a scientific paper or two, but if not – I’m sure there are textbooks aplenty that will supply supplemental substance. Online libraries will be consulted if Uncle Google doesn’t deliver the goods.

My challenge here is that I am starting too early. I get bored with things rather quickly. Hopefully this will be interesting enough to sustain me through the next couple of months. Happily, though – there’s nothing like exploring the inner limits of my mind to keep me going, so it’s all good.


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