Too Much

Sometimes it seems that there is just one thing after another after another and that they never stop coming. I need a break, but even the breaks are chock full of things to do. Then when I’m not doing anything, I’m just bored and I’m wanting to do something. I guess that means that I am the architect of my own destruction. What’s the solution?


3 thoughts on “Too Much

  1. There isn’t a lot you can do about the amount of things that come at you, except to draw boundaries and set your priorities. Thin it out as best you can , but for the most part it’s just rolling with it, huh?

    We are all of us gluttons for our particular punishments of choice. A solution? Be mindful and present to the fullest in every moment. Don’t let the cascade of business take from you that core balance and peace that is always there to touch on, sometimes it only takes a deliberate breath to get yourself back into your body and centered. Trying to find the beauty that is always around, out the window, or humor in the absurd… that’s what keeps me sane sometimes. It’s easy to lose yourself in the hustle, but just as easy to find you again. Breathe. Notice. Center.

    I’m afraid I haven’t been reading here for quite a while, so I have nothing to add that’s remotely relevant to whatever is going on in your life specifically, but I still wanted to say hello. 🙂


  2. Press the little pause button for about 30 mins to 1 hour, make some emptiness inside of your head or take a take a little nap or doing whatever in a lonely atmosphere…well, as a mother it works out for me.


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