I’ve not been able to muster much of a response to people just a lately.

Coincidentally & at the same time – people have stopped talking.

Wait – there’s a lesson in that for how to live one’s life.

Yes, I’m sure there is something to learn.

But what is it do you think?

Tip of my mind.

Erm, erm.



3 thoughts on “Interaction

  1. i’ve experienced the same thing. what i’ve learned is that you must first show you care about someone else, so they can share their love with you too. otherwise, they’ll just think you don’t want to talk to them anymore, and search for someone else who is willing to listen to them.

    i’m all ears, robert. so you can talk to me. also, i’d love to share a bit of your story in my blog (and i’m currently collecting xmas stories, want to join?)

    keep the magic rolling, my friend. you know you can do it! 😉


  2. Reminds me of saying I’ve read in a book”
    “Can we talk?”
    “I thought we were talking.”
    “The use of words is not always the same as talking.”


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