Much Thinking – Daisy and Harry

As a result of (way too much) thinking about my next story, and the kind comments of my fellow travelers, I have formulated a plan.

Any (unintentional by them) comedy will be the realm Dr Strangler and Zolt, Daisy will be bright and breezy in outward appearance but I will delve into her mind more to indicate that this is a brittle facade she employs. When she wakes up in Harry’s body were going to see dark and gritty realism (as per A Thrust for a Thrust). When Harry wakes in Daisy’s body we’re going to see an entirely different reaction – either he is very accepting of the upgrade to his body or he thinks he is deep in one of his memories of Sue – his girl from when he was a teenager (although he is mildly surprised to be Sue). This section will be very lyrical and poetic, perhaps even a little romantic (as per Coming Now Gone).

The upshot is that this piece will provide me with a vehicle in which I can express quite a full range of my writing styles and skills. Hopefully I can make it cohere rather than appear like a patchwork quilt. 🙂

Thoughts? Comment?


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