Concept – Daisy & Harry have Chips


I wrote a basic plot outline, added character sketches for Daisy and Harry, and now, after much deliberation, I’m ready to talk about the concept I have in mind for this story.

This wasn’t such an easy thing to come up with because Harry and Daisy are such different people and their lives do not interact at all. They have no shared likes or activities and even if they were the last people alive (a scenario I did consider) they would probably still not get on. So why did I make this so difficult for myself? Answer – so that I would have to work for it.

After tossing and turning all night, waking up thinking about it, chewing over this or that scenario at breakfast, and forsaking the pleasure of reading a book as I walked to work in order to think about it, an idea hit me out of the blue. If these characters are so dissimilar that even a global catastrophe would not bring them together, then why not utilise some kind of supernatural / magical / technological power to force their stories into close proximity? In short – why not make them swap bodies?

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s been done before, but when you think about it, there is a reason for that – it plays to one of our fundamental preoccupations as thinking beings – what if?

I don’t know about you, but I simply don’t know enough about the supernatural or magic to follow those routes, and while I know that the research would do me good, to be honest with you – I really don’t have the interest either. So that leaves us with technology which, as any fule kno, is indistinguishable from magic if it’s advanced enough (thanks Arthur).

So now we have to decide whether we delve into Matrix territory, where everyone is in a vat and dreaming themselves into a sophisticated software representation of the world, or if the concept we employ is chips embedded in every cortex of the brain. These would then transmit signals wirelessly to a similar array of chips in someone else’s brain.

Seeing as the former has already been done and the latter has not (to my knowledge), it makes sense to go cutting edge and chip our Daisy and Harry. Such a powerful semi-dystopian vision would resonate strongly in a world that is already worried about the ubiquity of mobile communications amongst large parts of the population.

How can this be done? And do we have the technology to do it yet? Well, yes to the first question – you only have to look at the practical research and experiments being done on implanting chips into either the optical nerve or visual cortex of the brain to know that people that have been blind all their life can now see. This technology is already 13 years old.

As to the second question – well again, this tech is out there and has been so for at least 5 years. Cost effective micro and nano technologies with microfluidic delivery systems directly to the cortex are no longer science-fiction. It’s no stretch to imagine nanobots integrating seamlessly with every portion of a human cortex (yeah – that means brain), coupled with clever software and wireless technology to provide the illusion that one’s consciousness is in another person’s body. Don’t take my word for it , see here, here and here.

So that’s where I am so far – anyone have any objections, comments or suggestions?


13 thoughts on “Concept – Daisy & Harry have Chips

  1. I read a really great story that did this the magic way. I’m intrigued to see you do it the tech way. Would it be a signals crossed sort of thing or something more nefarious?
    And also – how do you read a book while walking?

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    • Oh, nefarious for sure. Something about big pharma or neo nazis – I haven’t thought it through fully yet. Might just leave it as a shadowy organisation and concentrate on the experience. Wondering whether to play it straight or for laughs. What do you think?
      I use my peripheral vision. It’s been years since I walked into anything more dangerous than a low-hanging branch. Unless you count Jack. Remember him? The one who travelled back in time to Moscow. If you follow I’m back he first appeared in Prey (I think) as someone who bounced my shoulder with his.

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  3. A few weeks ago a blogger asked the question, if you had one wish (and it had to do with making the world a better place),what would it be…
    My wish to swap people for a day, to live the story from another person and maybe then we all understand each other better….Maybe you can include this somehow in your story? Just a suggestion 😉

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