Character Sketch – Daisy

aaaDaisy Facey aka Daisy Face was born 21st June 2001 and is 15yrs old. She is 5ft 6in tall and weighs 123 pounds. Her hair is blonde but looks like burnished gold and it falls to her mid-back in waves. Her distinctively light-blue eyes are slightly longsighted but she does not wear corrective lenses. She intends to get her eyes lasered and her boobs (34A) enlarged as soon as she can get her own money. She has relatively short legs and a long body but dresses to hide this, typically steering away from tight skirts and jeans and favouring long flowing skirts and dresses when she can. Most days see her wearing the school uniform she dislikes intensely – dark brown blazer, tartan skirt and white blouse.

Her parents (both in their mid-thirties) and 2 younger sisters (nine and seven) live in Hertford. Daisy is boarding (since age 13) at a school in the north of England. She excels in the warm subjects but underachieves in science and maths.

She loves shopping, hanging out with her friends, painting, cross-country running and watching horror movies – the gorier the better. Her favourite food is Italian, but she restrains herself and eats salads / raw vegetables. She mainly listens to the kind of music they play on daytime BBC Radio One but also has respect for classical music and trip-hop. Animals frighten her as does any man with a beard, including her father. Everything is close to where she boards and so she either walks or borrows her friend’s bicycle.

She hates her body and this leads her to feel self-conscious in public, although she covers this by a show of excess enthusiasm and loquaciousness (she talks too much).  She was sexually abused by her father from the start of puberty (12) but has told no-one. Every memory of her her childhood and home is tainted by the memory of that abuse and she fears for her sisters yet still resists going home for holidays. When she was fourteen she fell down from a tree and fractured her leg, which meant that she was on crutches for several weeks. She hid the pain and so avoided being sent home for the duration.

All her grandparents died in discomfort (cancer, Alzheimer’s & heart attacks (2) ) and she attended all the funerals. This left her with an abiding fear of old age and death. Her greatest enemy is Michael – an African pupil at the same school in the year above, who is constantly baiting and teasing her for no apparent reason. She has tried talking to him nicely and shouting at him but to no effect. Her greatest ally is her Art teacher – Miss Pym, who wants her to consider a career sculpting in clay, which Daisy finds to be safely sensual. They spend a lot of time together and Daisy confides in her, but not about her abuse.

Apart from her experience at home, Daisy also keeps secret her desire for fame and the money she stole from a purse she found in the street. She handed the article to a police officer on patrol, minus the fifty pounds and change it contained.

She believes in patient revenge, hard work and the sanctity of marriage vows. Her greatest talent is her ability to persuade and her greatest flaw is a lack of self-belief when it comes to her ability to attract good things to her. She would most like to change her boob size but does not have a clear idea why this is important to her. She once read that legs could be extended, but her experience of hiding the pain of her fractured leg bone was too traumatic to consider this.

Four words that describe her personality are bubbly, afraid (hidden), artistic and vengeful (mostly hidden). Beards, furry animals and death make her afraid. Horror movies, people falling down and cat videos make her laugh. Michael, abuse and cars driving onto pavements make her angry. Her body, school uniform and inability to deal with numbers make her feel ashamed. Sculpting, Miss Pye and pinky-orange clouds make her feel tender.

Three places Daisy spends time in are the art room at school, the river-bank and the library. The art room is where she spends time talking to the teacher and working with clay, often after school hours. She finds that the slippery-smooth, wet feel of clay calms her and raises an undefinable tension within her that she tries to ignore. The river-bank is where she runs and sometimes sits to enjoy sunrises / sunsets if they are the right colour. She feels safe by the river. She spends time in the library studying. She is a good student and enjoys stretching her mind by reading books that are related to the subject and yet are outside the curriculum.


25 thoughts on “Character Sketch – Daisy

    • None whatsoever, Victoria – I truly start from a small seed and just see what grows when I apply earth, water and sunshine. The seed of this character was seeing a schoolgirl from behind as I walked to work – she had the hair I described in the character sketch. All else is pure imagination.
      The point of writing a sketch such as this is that I can now put Daisy in virtually any situation and her character will dictate how she will react to the things that happen to her. In effect, she will write her own story by being herself. I just stood her up and made her breathe – all else is her choice.
      How about you – do you have a story mapped out before you write? 🙂


      • I have the general arc of the story before I write. I’ve never done a formal character sketch but I always have it in my head, who they are. It does make the story flow easier because then the character can tell me how they would behave.
        Hope you have a great day! 😊

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      • I’ve written sketches before, but not in so much detail. Usually I do the same as you, but I don’t have a story arc … or a character sketch … hmm, it seems that I really do just make it up as I go along. 🙂
        This sketch was done by following a template that the OU provide. Took me blooming ages to do last night. I’m going to do another tonight but I’m not sure yet what the character will be like. Options are: I can develop someone already mentioned (her father, Michael, Miss Pym or one of her as-yet-unnamed friends) or I can go with a new person to represent her fears (an old, bearded beggar is one option) or … well, what would you suggest, Victoria?

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      • The shorter things I write (<2K words) are made up as I go also. For me, it's generally the setting and, vaguely, the characters I think about and knowing whether they have sex or not and how much I want to describe it. I suppose that's kind of boring now that I think of it. Geez, I should branch out, lol.
        Anyway, I would like to know more about Michael or I think it would be interesting to see her meet someone she is initially scared of, who turns out to be a good person. But maybe that's cliche. (Ever seen Mr. Stink?) I'm not as keen on finding out more about the father because I don't like to read things like that, but I'm sure there's lots there to explore. Good luck!

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      • Did you press SEND by mistake before you finished typing? 🙂
        Oh, wait – the reader truncated it. Yes, I see what you mean – it’s easy to write shorter pieces by pantsing and longer pieces by plotting. Yeah – Michael or the bearded guy are my most favouritist options so far – maybe even both with Michael supporting her unexpectedly. I wasn’t really wanting to bring the father in – it’s not going to be that kind of story. Thanks for that, Victoria – that gives me something to work on – ‘preciated.


    • Good point, Dee. The way I see it is that we all have parts of us that conflict and clash with expectations, and this is what makes life interesting. It’s like some people react to life-destroying events with despair, some with equanimity and some with a fierce determination to overcome. It’s almost as if there is no such thing as ‘normal’, but instead there is a spread of reactions, with some reactions being more common than others. They can actually be plotted on a ‘bell curve’ and in this case Daisy would perhaps be an ‘outlier’. In addition to that, never underestimate the power of peer pressure. Even someone who has gone through abuse can look around at her friends and want what seems to make them happy – bigger boobs in this case. And then there is the complexity of human nature. A father is a father, despite what bad things a father may do. There is always a kind of underlying respect (irrational though it may be) and desire to please one’s father. Yeah, I know that sounds twisted and wrong, but that’s what people are like. Sometimes.


    • I need another character now to produce some conflict for Daisy. I have various options – I can develop someone already mentioned (her father, Michael, Miss Pym or one of her as-yet-unnamed friends) or I can go with a new person to represent her fears (an old, bearded beggar is one option) or … well, what would you suggest, Miriam? 🙂


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