Coming Now Gone

aaaI will dress you up and take you down to the edge of time, and the dream we share will occupy our thoughts in the parks and on the beaches of the world so that passing people will smile and tell us we were always meant to be together. Soft will be the night in which silk sheets slip sensuously from you to rest below our moving forms. On the cusp of a new day, we will celebrate the rising of the sun and the setting of the moon, framed carefully by the open window. The startling sweep of the forest will take us in and lose our lives in splendour, and yet we will be safe. Swiftly will the clouds race across the sky when I catch your love from the window above. We will come together like heavy curtains that cut out all the stars to keep for our own. We will gather light, and time will wait for us, and it always will.

I watch you watch me across the gulf between your eyes and mine. The presence of your hand by mine can no longer be ignored. The shouts of people passing by fade away from our minds and the flowers lose their colours when your face turns to me. I am enraptured and you know that I am. And I know that you share the fate of my many dreams of you. I touch the sky as your leg accidentally brushes against mine under the table. We share a space do you and I. The calm hum of the motor turning fills my body with a delicious tension and we are moved in ways that seem to confuse and yet still fill the mind with a never ending purpose. I endure in you as you embrace me for the longest time with the scent of your body. Breath is ever a part of me and I draw you into me. Further and further in we are drawn.

As I took my seat on the train I saw your form slip ever closer towards me down the aisle and I knew it for a certain thing that you would choose to sit with me. The silence of the carriage matched you so perfectly and the coat you wore held secrets that I felt compelled to seek the meaning of. I watched myself slip from the world even then. The disjoint between the past and the future was always a thing with me. I raged and stormed and yet the pictures always came. You fitted accurately into my fantasy as you sat across from me. Your artfully curled hair framed a face that would have graced an elf with as much precision as the teeth of the thoughts that I felt grip onto me and grind down. A fever overtook me when you placed your coffee by mine on the table. I planned an accidental touch of fingers. For an encore, I plotted out our lives together.


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