Mission Impossible

I just watched Mission Impossible. The first one. The one where Tom Cruise looks like a teenager and Vanessa Redgrave starts to look like Maggie Smith.

It was an entertaining, if rather incomprehensible (at times) romp with a touch of humour (although not as much as the last one, which came over as a parody of Johnny English) and with a very sixties feel.

The plot involves someone trying to get something for someone else for a some reason or another but, as it turns out, not for the reasons we were led to believe. Basically, it was all a bit of a double cross kind of a thing where no-one, not even Tom, knew what was happening from one scene to the next.

And why am I telling you this? Well, it’s because this is what my life is like right now. I feel like people are sneaking around behind the scenes, moving stuff. I don’t mean that I wake up in the morning to find that my phone is at the foot of my bed when I could have sworn I left it on the table by my head, I mean that things just ain’t what they seemed they were going to be like when I first found out about them.

Everything changes. Nothing stays the same. Nothing is stable. No one remains as they were when I first knew them – not even me. Especially not me. I change from day to day, and I don’t just mean my underwear.

Maybe I’m just complaining about myself here. Yeah, when I think about it – this is certainly true. There are levels within levels in my head.

Sometimes I think that I would like to know what’s happening in all parts of my subconscious, but at other times, it strikes me that if I did then it would terrify the heck out of me.

Anyways, enough of that – it’s nearly bedtime now. For all those who are about to sleep – may the moon bring you sweet dreams and then the sun give you the means to make them come true. Yeah, I know – schmaltzy, but I made it up all by myself, without any help! ๐Ÿ™‚



10 thoughts on “Mission Impossible

  1. Mind is like an iceberg! 90%immersed in water and rest which we see and are currently thinking about. Subconscious will be known only if we closely attend to it, and unconscious? That’s a part of our mind locked and kept like an encyclopedia in an old library no more in use. There is a very common saying-“time changes, People change”. You are the one of the few people who blames self for the changing of self. Not everyone does that, they blame the surrounding they live in, no doubt that people also affect behavior and the state of mind.

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