(continues from Redemption?)

The story so far: Tess was jilted at the altar by an Italian charmer by the name of Luigi. Five years later, and she still feels the pain. Sure, she’s off the hard liquor but she’s now deep into baiting her work colleagues, and probably her friends and family too if her conduct at work is anything to go by. For this, she has been dubbed The Dragon Lady.

One fine day at the office she overhears, by chance, that the person who will deliver the sandwiches that day will be a chap by the name of Luigi. Well, boy does that name send Tess into a spin. She relives the anguish of her wedding day, charts her decline into alcoholism and reflects on how her actions towards her co-workers have earned her that most damning of nicknames.

Anyway, it turns out that it’s not the old Luigi after all; this is a new, improved Luigi who bears an uncanny resemblance to the old one, and she is instantly smitten. Of course, what she does not realise, as she sits in the restaurant for the first course of her new life with new Luigi, is that she is still in love with the old one.

So, we join them at the table. Take in the ambience – a single candle lending our sweethearts an isolated island, music almost quieting the passion rising in our young lover’s hearts and a fine white to tickle their palette as they ignore the breadsticks to gaze instead into each other’s eyes. They barely notice as the waiter arrives to take their order.

“Tess – oh My God, is that really you Tess? How long has it been? You look absolutely ravishing.” An excited voice pulls Tess out of her contemplation of Luigi’s eyelashes and she looks up in alarm. There is something very familiar about this voice. Yep, you guessed it, kind reader – it’s the old Luigi!

Well Tess, understandably, goes bonkers. She picks up the wine bottle, still with a satisfying weight to it and, expertly converting it into the cosh-from-hell, whacks Luigi over the head with it.

I think you need not ask which one! The feelings surging through her bosom give her only one realistic option. As new Luigi sits, stunned, literally, with blood pouring from a gaping wound, she calls out to the man standing above her “He was holding me against my will, Luigi. Quick, take me away from here – I love you!”

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