Which route through the following fictional mind map would make the most compelling plot from the point of view of the reader? You’ll probably need to use the Zoom function on your browser to read this – sorry about that.


27 thoughts on “Plotting

  1. Did you make this? It’s really cool and a great way to generate ideas. I was going to say kill her too…perhaps you have evil followers… 😛 I think confront, work it out, but she doesn’t leave the lover- then maybe he kills her, lol.

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  2. Oh definitely revenge affair. But then husband’s lover kills wife…. And it looks like the husband! Husband gets arrested. Then his lover runs off with the wife’s lover which was the plan all along. Only the fabulous lady detective on the case figures it out, and justice is served, freeing the wrongly accused, who goes on to write that novel and marry the gorgeous lady detective!

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  4. How creative!! Better plotting with the confrontation option. The wife had betrayed their marital relationship. Both work it out and the wife takes a leave from her lover for a while cause she realises she is destroying someone’s life. They both proceed to a marriage counsellor and sought it out,live happily ever after. Or maybe the marriage councillor himself gives an option of getting divorced and they readily accept it, in this way three people can move on happily in their lives. I love happy endings😜

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