Unintended Consequence


At night, when all else slumbers,
The Kakapo, he calls from the
Core of his groundly hollow
Of low, lonely cleanliness.
Your body alone he wants.
Being, concerns him not.
You are but a receptacle.
Are you ready for him?
Deeply booming now,
Peaceful, he is never,
Immensely strong,
Loving, almost. But,
Infinitely sad this tale.
Wise the Kakapo is not!
And then come the fangs
Profoundly glad for stupid birds
Contented, with this flightless meal.


29 thoughts on “Unintended Consequence

      • It’s funny you should say that (smiling and crying at the same time) because I’ve recently found this to be a very effective meditation. It takes me out of myself in a way that nothing else quite matches. I’m glad that you got something special out of this, Miri, that means a lot to me. 🙂
        Kindness – Robert.

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      • Hey Rob, I’ve been doing that a fair bit lately, i.e smiling and crying at the same time. Does that make me enlightened or just a very emotional woman? Regardless, your poem moved me. xo

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      • You are both of those things, Miri – much to your credit and to the benefit of those around you, if only they all had eyes to see you for the sparkling wonder that you truly are. 😉

        (Do you think that she took that the right way, Robert? Of course she did, Robert – she knows that you have an honest heart that’s full of kindness. Ah, good – thanks for that, Robert. You’re welcome, Robert.)

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      • Haha Now you remind me of me, talking to myself all the time (I’ve been doing a lot of that lately too). 😊Thanks Robert. You’re very kind. Of course I took it the right way. xo

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      • I’m feeling rather sleep deprived at the moment. Life is so exciting that I can’t persuade myself to go to bed at night. It makes my mind an interesting place to be. Kinda. 🙂 I understand a good amount of where you are right now. All I can truly say is that if you stick with it, it’ll pass. Life’s wonderful and scary like that. Now I really think you should go to bed, young lady. 😉

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      • Interesting minds make the best bed companions, Miri. They whisper to us and invoke their right to be noticed. Your mind just wants to tell you something, is all. Listen to it, hear it out and acknowledge it and then it will go so quiet that you will wonder what happened. My favourite way to acknowledge my mind (it’s prolly different for you, but it may not be) is to write down what it tells me. Write it as from one close friend to another. Don’t bother about what you think anyone else will think about what you write. Don’t bother trying to analyse it or think deeper into it. Just let the messages come out. If they seem ‘wrong’ then don’t bother so much about that – write them down anyway. Don’t judge what you write. Don’t judge yourself for writing it. Don’t hold anything back. The mind is sometimes like a spiteful child that, despite its digs and barbs, just wants to be loved. Just listen and love, listen and love. Keep on until it’s all out. Trust.
        You’re a good person, Miriam.
        Love and all that – Robert.

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      • Oh Robert, if I wrote totally from my heart and soul, what I truly wanted to write, and what I could never write on my blog I would have to burn it afterwards! Trust me on that. But maybe it’s what I need to do anyway. How come you’re so wise today anyway? 🙂

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      • It’s the beard.
        I grew a beard and its making me very wise. :b
        But yeah – you should totally write it, and then burn it. It’s just an acknowledgement after all. Your mind just wants a full hearing. After that, it’ll just shut (the f*ck) up. Trust me – I have scars.

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  1. I was thinking that the Kakapo was not a stupid bird, just that he is what he is, flightless and easy prey. And male, of course. 🙂 But then I read your comment to Miri and the “real” poem as you call it is beautiful! Is there a name for this format or just something you thought up?

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  2. Know what? I read this, was like ‘hmmmm’ unsure of what you were getting at and lo, something made me return and I read what you told Miriam. I am intensely satisfied with this turn of events. And touched by the hidden poem. Aren’t you something? ✨💖✨

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