I’m going to live to be 120 and I’m going to be fit and healthy all the way to the end. I’m actually quite looking forward to dying, but not this week, not next week or even the week after that. Dying is going to be the last great adventure of this life. No one knows what will happen to me afterwards – ain’t that grand!

I’ve promised myself LSD on my 100th birthday. By then I’ll have had the same experiences unaided by substances and so I’ll be ready for the trip. It’ll just be a question of checking whether I missed anything. I won’t have.

I have a friend who is a doctor. She is extraordinarily cheerful, but her body is not well. Poor circulation, she says. When I felt her cold hand, I suggested that she stand on her head more often and she said ‘what about my feet?’ I suggested warm slippers. But what about that attitude!

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Imagine if an ‘expert’ convinced that you your laptop could not be fixed – what would you do? Yep – you’d give up on it. Same thing happens with bodies. Doctors are ‘experts’ – but there’s all sorts of stuff they don’t know yet.

I go to doctors to pick their brains when something puzzles me about my body. Then I ignore any prescriptions or drugs they give me. I don’t recommend you to do this. But I do urge you to listen to your own body.

Pinch your arm and it will hurt. Pinch it again and it will redden. Pinch it again and it will bruise. Pinch it again and it will hurt like buggery. Pinch it again and it may bleed. Pinch it again and you will have an open wound. Pinch it again and it will get infected. Pinch it again and perhaps gangrene will set in. Pinch it again and you may lose your arm. Pinch it again and … okay – enough of that. You get my point – right?

We pinch ourselves in oh so many ways – by eating junk, dressing for the wrong weather, worrying about trivial stuff, watching scary movies, smoking, drinking to excess – all sorts of stuff. Is it any wonder that we get ill?

If you start to get a headache – close that book or laptop. If your stomach hurts – eat something different. If your feet hurt – change your shoes. If anything feels uncomfortable – regardless of what it is, then change it.

But make these changes early on. Listen to your body now. Listen to the little messages. If you listen to the little messages, then your body won’t have to send you the big messages like cancer or heart disease or diabetes or respiratory problems.

Be nice to yourself. Imagine that you are your own lover, and treat yourself accordingly. And do it now.



26 thoughts on “Health

  1. Wow, how Beautiful a Message. Love Your Bodies.
    I loved that “Pinch” example. You are so Right. That’s why people arre getting such major sickness now, because they are too bogged up with their materialistic lives and do not heed their Body’s messages.

    Loved your Post.

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  3. I have always tried to teach my kids to “listen to your body”. I grew up in a house where we had to finish everything on our plate and we always had dessert. I promised myself I would give my children an opportunity to form healthy eating habits. I ask them if they are full or if their “tummy is hungry”. I don’t care if its “time” to eat. If they are tired I tell them not to fight it, just go to sleep. If something hurts, listen to your body. My teenagers have a little trouble with this one but hopefully they hear me. Most nights I go to sleep between 10:30 and 11:30, but if I”m tired at 9, that’s when I go to sleep. As a nurse I always tell my patients to be honest about how they are feeling, ignoring symptoms will not make them go away.

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    • Sounds to me like you are wise in these things, Laura (I don’t have to call you Nurse Laura do I?) – so long as we can truly hear the messages of our bodies accurately then this works fine. It’s quite an art to do this when there are so many distractions around. Have you ever looked into something called Mindfulness? It can be used to help us to listen more accurately to the messages that the body is giving.
      Kindness – Robert.


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