Dirty Little Secrets

I woke up this morning thinking:

I need to love my excitements as I’m living them, and then let them go into the void.

(Actually, it was more like: I need to let go of all my dirty little secrets. But why would I want to go and tell y’all something like that!)


13 thoughts on “Dirty Little Secrets

  1. Robert, this post got me thinking of all kinds of things. Not just secrets, but the things we hide about ourselves that really aren’t secrets. Thank you, spent some time wandering down this path! 🙂 ~ Mia

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  2. A caution: you can’t un-ring a bell. Once it’s out there’s no going back. Perhaps your secrets could be written down and then set to flame. It will feel like releasing them into the void. Maybe. ✨🌑✨

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