Bell Bottom Spider


The bell bottom
Beside her
Said Madam
I had ’em
So the flies
You despise
Can’t be had now.
I just wriggle
And jiggles
This way.
And outside
The downside of
Made me hunt for
My jumper
And the
Never of ever
Just falls down.
Fall was
Ever Forever
This way.

(this is nonsense, written to test whether people are actually reading these ‘poems’ or are just dropping Likes cynically)


38 thoughts on “Bell Bottom Spider


    Fast falls the night of frightening noise
    The poise of poetry pitter patter, the joys
    Of rhyming at the end and in the middle
    Of hey diddle, diddle, how cat got the fiddle
    And wonder at star that brightly shines on
    Miss Muffet, with spider, running has gone.

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  2. HOW IT IS

    I do what I do
    β€˜cos I do what I can.
    I think what I think
    β€˜cos I am what I am.
    I’ll repeat myself
    over and over again.
    If it doesn’t work out
    I’ll change my plan.
    There where to go
    I’ll know right then
    β€˜cos I do what I do
    What I can.

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