Far Away Across the Sea


All his love was far away
Far way across the sea.

So when he inspected
His pile of clothes
A dirty sock would do
As well as a clean one.

When it came to shirts
Ironing was not needed
And as for new jeans
Old with holes worked.

Mirrors didn’t matter
They just showed old
A bearded stranger
The careworn frown.

Head inside a book
When walking out
Inside himself again
Escaping from no-one.

His only best friend
Worked in a corner shop
But never knew his name
Probably never cared.

To have a bright dream
And to write it down
Then have it lie unread
Is worse than living.

To dream for better
Yet not share it
And not live it
Is not real life.

To want love
To hunger
To pull
To …

All his love was far away
Far way across the sea.


19 thoughts on “Far Away Across the Sea

  1. Nice prose my friend…although hop on a plane and get thee across that sea instead of dwelling upon loss and reflection. How’s tricks? It’s been a while since I spotted a post of yours amidst the billions of emails that now frequents my inbox….granted hyperbole is but one tool for an author…suffuce to say it is rather a lot though!

    Flippancy aside, nicely done. Nothing like a cheery read post grocery shopping to set me up for the Great Expectations known as football later. Catch 22 that is, hope we win and despair will follow, expect to lose and despair will follow… I do hope I’m not entering a phase of book title responses too 🤔

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gary – lie down – I think I love you! 😀
      Ahem, that is in a totally brotherly, man-hug kind of a way. Okay – we can dispense with the hugs then. Alright – I’m backing off already. Ha!
      Tricks is good. Surprised you ain’t spotted my posts, there are at least one a day and four on Saturday! I’m into the 2nd week of my Masters in Creative Writing, and I’m only half a week behind – triumph!! What you doing these days, my friend? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I have seen the odd one, but my reader is flying past faster than I can keep up. Had a few notification email issues too…hundreds of them…so I had a moment of sod this and trashed them. Time is chewing it’s way through my agenda. Managed a post though last Friday in a new train of thoughts. No point me asking how the course is going now is there 👀
        I feel obligated to speak no words upon your opening gambit…rumours spread fast!
        Good to hear from you…even if it is your blog lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • The course is going very well – I’m a mere three days behind schedule – so totally doable! Of course, I just need to prioritise my time better. It’s strange, but the more I write and the better (fingers crossed) my writing becomes, the more interested people seem to be in my humble little corner of the world so, like you, I have comments flying into my ears at an extraordinary rate! I’m not complaining – heck no – but there was a moment, as I was walking home today, when I was seriously considering trying to invent an automatic message / email / comment answerer type thang. But that was just a moment of weakness. I’m falling behind on my own blog and am finding it increasingly difficult to fight my way out to other blogs. This is why I saluted you (in a very inappropriate way – sorry about that) in the beginning of my last message. Joking aside, though – you seem to be a lot like me in the way that you think and respond to things. It’s sincerely nice talking to you, Gary. Thanks for being there.

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      • Hey Robert…that’s exactly where I’m at. With Twitter growing, comments here and trying to have my own writing time, it all gets overwhelming. Scheduling time us the only solution I’ve hit, but so far I’m crap at that! I sacrificed this weekend solely to catch up everywhere. Visit blogs and remind me of who was there at the start. I’m still missing loads, but the originals are gradually being added to their own list on my reader for quick reference. No need to apologise, all taken in good fun. And yes, if one is going to respond, then it needs to be thought out or it may as well be a bot reply. Always about Robert….give me a shout if you need moral support 😊

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      • Sort of, it’s called mindfulness. I tried a course on it on FutureLearn run by two Australian lecturers. Very interesting and stresses about a default mind cycling over everything too much causing a mental paralysis due to catastrophising….worked for a bit lol.

        Fame….no, no….I am quite happy in obscurity. I cling to my manuscript thinking stay here…safe…and then consider Frankie Howard…infamy infamy they’ve all got it in for me!

        Liked by 1 person

      • That actually sounds like an interesting course. To elevate one’s practice to the point where one is in bliss for a second every minute would be worth trying too. I’ve set my alarm to beep every 60 seconds. It’s driving my co-workers crazy, but hey – you can’t make a omelette … etc. I do try not to think too much, though. You’ve read my stuff, you know how that’s going! 🙂
        Okay, well – good luck with the infamy then, Gary. 🙂

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      • It was, I’ve done it twice now! In fact I engage heavily in the forums on that site. I’ve done quite a few courses there on all sorts! The only unmindful thing I do repeatedly is not visit blogs of the original friends, who made me feel welcome here, half as often as I should. I include you amongst them!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t feel any lack from your side, Gary – I’m happy with the occasional heartfelt message and the odd read. Heck, if we did everything we were supposed to do, we’d have no time to eat, sleep nor nothing! It’s all good, my friend – carry on as you are. 🙂

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