Can someone turn the heat down in here? Anyone! Can anyone hear me? It’s too much.

You’ve graven yourself onto me. Etched deep. Reminds me of a tree I once climbed. It was a thin, whippy tree. But then, I was only a thin, whippy kid so that was alright. I was after the nuts. Hazelnuts. I was in one tree and my mate, my pal, my friend – he was in the next tree. Twin trees. Both as laden with nuts as my nose was with bogies. I was always picking my nose back then. Once you’ve got yourself nice dry one out and your breathing clears up, it feels kinda right when you go back for more. Later on, that is. So there I was, up the tree, filling my pockets with clumps of nuts, when I see a shape carved into the trunk. A heart (of course) with four letters inside – two for each person. Yeah, two. What did you think it was going to be – a love quadrangle? I could tell then, that them letters were going be there for the whole time the tree was. I pray that the tree still lives. But who knows whether hearts heal like trees don’t.

It’s too warm in here. A window, a door, a vent, a fan – anything. Please. Anything! Hello?


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