(continued from Tear)

Chad loved the girl beside him. As he raced the vehicle through the streets away from the strange orange glow in the sky behind them he glanced briefly at her face. She was staring at him in a way that indicated that she loved him too and his heart bumped a little. At least, it seemed like a bump. Or maybe indigestion. Or maybe … He clutched his chest. A pain. A twist. A … What was that?

Darktl hated the world. He was black and twisted. Bitterness churned and pulled inside his him. He was the pain inside the pain. The package he had left in the nightclub was … was what? He had no idea. As he pulled the big vehicle through the turns, racing away from the chaotic seed he had planted in the city, he realised that the slut was staring at him with a puzzled look on her face. He turned to her and leered darkly. He contorted his features into a scowl and growled in her direction. She flinched back, a look of terror growing on her face.

Aliuth felt nothing but pity for these strange fleshy creatures. As the pink blobby creature beside him flinched back, he felt a wave of compassion flow through him and he attempted to mould the face of his host into a smile. Corners of the mouth upwards – check. Teeth exposed – check. Crinkle the eyes – check. Make staccato noises – no, wait – that was laughter. The eyebrows of the creature moved upwards. What was that now? Fear? surprise? Something like that. Certainly not happiness. He gave up and flicked eyes back to the road ahead, then up towards the mirror that reflected the orange marker he had laid. The contestants would be arriving soon. He needed to lay down the second marker before they arrived. In the back of the vehicle, he felt the presence of the device. It was primed and ready for detonation.

Darktl felt keenly the pull of the Dark Lord. As he pressed the accelerator, he reflected again on his mission here: stay quiet and gather data. Investigate what he could without attracting notice. Love only evil. Actually, he reflected, that strange oxymoron was his overriding concern here. Not strictly part of the mission, more a basis for all actions in the world of humans. A leer, a scowl, a bitter frown – these were his stock in trade to spread misery and hatred amongst those here. But, for now – watch. He was aware of the bag in the back seat. He was aware of the alien presence occupying this body. His orders were not to interfere. Just watch.

Chad had no idea why he was racing through the streets. He knew that something catastrophic had happened in the city and that the orange fire behind him was dangerous, but had no idea where he was going. He felt an overwhelming urge to protect Carrie, but beyond those things, he just drove blindly. Even the ability to converse seemed to be beyond him right now. He just sat, gripped the wheeled, pressed his foot down and glanced at Carrie periodically to reassure himself that she was alright. He looked at her again and noticed that she had a very strange expression on her face. It seemed to be part suspicion, part fear and part adoration. Or maybe not adoration so much as tiredness? Yes. Her eyes were closing as she slipped towards sleep. He realised that it was late and that they had already covered many miles. He thought about pulling over and resting himself, but …

… Aliuth would not allow it. He tightened the creatures hands on the steering wheel and locked his foot on the accelerator, blocking any attempt to move it towards the brake, and …

… Darktl watched the action, an interested expression spilling onto the human’s face. What was so important about continuing the drive? He could not see the thoughts of the presence in this host, they were too alien for that. Even the Dark Lord could not drill inside those thoughts. His only domain was with Earth and the souls contained in it. But still, they were aware that something was happening, and that, in all probability, the orange scar across the face of the planet was not the endgame. So he watched.

And Chad drove with his sweetheart beside him, and his heart set on fleeing.

And Aliuth thought of the games to come. Oh, what fun there would be when his companions arrived.

(continued in Juice)