(continued from Screaming)

The enormous explosion paled into insignificance beside the rampant galloping of Carrie’s heart. She barely noticed the cinematic bloom of light – orange against the night sky. As shards of rock and glass began to fall around her, she barely flinched. Her eyes were on the window above. The window where Chad stood in all his midnight glory.

She’d always lived by her emotions. They overtook her in fierce waves and established her teachers, parents and friends as cleaned-up, cut-down, cardboard cut-outs. They were mere caricatures, walking amongst the landscape of flares and floods that were her feelings.

As she gazed up at Chad, she had no idea why she was there – she simply was. She had followed the tides of her heart and they had swept her onto his shore.

She raised an arm and waved to him, but he seemed not to see her. His eyes appeared to be fixed on something behind her, and so she turned – the ache in her chest compelling her to check why she had been cast off so cruelly.

The sky was dark no more. Night had morphed into a hellish kind of day with the arrival of a new sun. The entire horizon behind her was lit with flames – shooting up towards the stars, already eclipsing the moon – and growing by the second.

A movement to one side caught her eye and she turned. It was Chad, racing towards her. She could feel her heart boom as he took her hand. Her breath caught as he pulled her towards him; but then he was running away, pulling her with him, and she could do nothing but follow his slim, still half-naked form as he raced towards the side of the house.

As he opened the passenger door, he gestured her inside. As she closed the car door, he raced around to get to the drivers side. Slamming the door shut he started the car and, skidding on the asphalt, reversed out of the driveway and onto the road. Carrie gazed at his face, enraptured. She could read everything between the lines on his forehead. They spoke of concern – and it could only be concern for her, because she was the only one there. Joy blossomed in her heart. She was loved!

As the four by four accelerated down the street, away from the furious inferno, doors began to open and sleepy faces and bodies emerged into gardens, there to stand. There to stare. There to wait for the fire to reach, overtake and consume. They had not yet even thought of screaming. All that was to come.

(continued in Start)


23 thoughts on “Boom

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  2. Hmm, two things happening- the world on fire(from what exactly, I’m not sure) and then Carrie, who is oblivious to everything but herself. She might be a little too much in the clouds too, like Raju before, but in a different way. You do a great job of writing from the head of all these different characters.

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