(continued from Break)

Concern overtook his face as frowns a million miles deep creased his forehead. He had followed her out of the nightclub when he saw her expression change from joy to pain as she read the screen of her phone.

In love with her since 7th grade, he had been drawn to Carrie against all intentions until, finding his moth-like inclinations beating ineffectually against her glare, he resolved to hide himself. Yet he watched her still. From afar.

Not heeding his clothes, he knelt beside her and pulled her body against his, rocking her gently in his warm arms, mimicking the mother he had never known. Slowly, she quieted then looked up at him with a wondering gaze. His eyes widened as he realised that her arm was rising to encircle his neck, and a heartbeat later he felt himself pulled towards her.

Their lips, hesitant at first, became more urgent as they found each other’s shape and rhythm. He felt his heart beating furiously as the moment he had dreamt of for so long finally came to be. His mind soared into reaches of happiness he never expected to find in his lifetime as she gathered a fistful of hair at the nape of his neck and pulled him even closer to her.

Their breath quickened and he followed the flow, yet moments later felt a kind of panic overcome him, and he pulled away roughly as if for fear of drowning in her heart. She gasped as his lips left hers and instead buried her sweet face into his neck. He looked up, mind awhirl and caught sight of a passing taxi.

As the car slowed he pulled her easily to her feet, wrapping the coat he had quickly shrugged off around her shivering body, and eased her inside the door he opened for her.

Closing the cab he gave the taxi driver her address and stood, in the rain, as he watched her uncomprehending face being carried away from him. And his heart caught against his throat and branded him betrayer.

(continues in  Clench)


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