Xmas Carole

There’s generally as much stodgy porridge in the breakfast buffet as there is hot buttery toast with jam. In the same way – there might be some weird stuff going off in the world, but there’s also nothing so wonderfully contagious as a good old belly laugh. When Scooby-Doo’s nephew laughed, his wife laughed just as hard. And all their friends and family at the Xmas party weren’t far behind them in the laughter stakes.

“He said that Christmas was pants,” cried Scrappy-Doo, “and he believed it too!”

“Well he’s pants too, Scrapps” said his wife in her best indignant voice. She’d always been a bit of a gob-on-a-stick like that.

But she was pretty all the same. Nice dimples and a hot mouth that always looked like it was begging for a kiss. A right saucy little minx she was – from her sparkly eyes right down to that very pleasant mouth – so long as she kept it shut.

“Yeah, he always was a bit of a strange one,” said Scrappy, “and not the kindest dude around. Still, you gets what you gives and that’s now’t to do with us. If he won’t come an have a meal with us – that’s his loss. Not that we had much to offer him.”

“Unfair! I think he’s missed a rather nice dinner,” interrupted Scrappy’s wife, and everyone else jumped in with their agreements. They were all sat around the table, having polished off dessert and their grins alone were enough to show how much they’d enjoyed it.

“Well I’m glad to hear it,” said Scrappy, “because, to be honest, I was a bit worried about it. What do you think, Toppy?”

Toppy had been eyeing up Carole – one of Scrappy’s sister-in-laws, and so he replied that all single blokes should be either shot or married off to pretty women. He then winked at the girl he’d been mooning over, the one with the smart-watch, not the one who was forever checking something on her iPhone; and she blushed very nicely.

After a nice cup of tea they put a DVD on and settled down to either fall asleep in front of it, or talk over it as loud as they could, much to the annoyance of Scrappy’s wife, who’d spent a long time picking out that movie.

Once the show was done, Scrappy’s wife got out the Trivial Pursuits, to the groans of everyone in the room, probably because it was the same set they’d used for the past decade and so it had become more a test of memory than knowledge. Still, they laughed a lot as the game went on and when Scrappy won at the end, they shouted playfully that it was unfair because he’d been reading the cards before they’d arrived. Scrappy blushed, and then – to divert attention away from himself, said, a bit louder than he needed to, “Where’s Toppy? I haven’t seen him for ages!”

“You bugger!” said a muffled voice from behind the curtain, and as it was pulled aside, they found Toppy and Carole looking rather rosy-lipped and not a little pleased with themselves – and you could easily guess that it wasn’t because they’d managed to avoid the Trivial Pursuits.

(kinda adapted from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens)


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