Get Lost in a Book

Walking by a passing paragraph my attention was caught by the particularly good syntax of the construction of the world, but I soon forgot that and immersed myself in the fluid depiction of sky flowing past the speeding train and there I was, in the carriage myself as I walked by the side of the river in the sunshine that would leave me red later but didn’t set off any alarms at the time because it was a cloudy day outside the train window and yet when the conductor called for tickets, I confess to a momentary panic due to not having one because of being merely sat-on-the-shoulder-of-the-girl-on-the-train and when she fell in the river with a big splash I admit that I was not too concerned because there was a professional life guard sat opposite the girl who was, of course, in love with him being, as she was, totally unawares that by the end of chapter two he would have her locked and chained in the basement of his rambling house. I read, in the papers the next day about the ‘tragic drowning’ the ‘drunken prank gone wrong’ and I thought to myself ‘my God, if only I had been there I could have done something to help!’


11 thoughts on “Get Lost in a Book

  1. Shoot, talk about getting lost in a book…I have been lost in empty space with a host of inner voices saying write about me. Great indecision has sprouted and with the arrival of GSCE exam results and offspring deciding school is a very bad idea one has neglected appearances upon blogging friends blogs. Fortuitously I stumbled upon this and thought here lies a prompt for a reply so here one is… My apologies for the absentia and one hopes your works is in good working order.

    Oh, and nice read too 🙃

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      • How cool is that! Where you doing it? Personall, I find story crafting the easy bit. Doing something with it after is where it all goes pear shaped !!
        Getting closer with mine. I was procrastinating on an agent synopsis for ages and had an epiphany last week. No idea what they want…ok Google throws up clues, but it’s all very vague. So bought a book on the subject and suddenly things are much clearer. Just have to redraft it now….boo hiss

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      • Hahaha – you’re a tonic, Gary, you really are! For now, I’m just concentrating on enjoying myself and putting my work out there. Something good will come of it if I need it to. It’ll all work out. 😉
        That agent synopsis thing is something that you need a friendly agent to look over for you, really – just to reassure you that you’re on the right track. You know anyone in the business?

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      • Good plan Robert, very good plan. One can over think things…at least I do, which is very cyclic in terms of getting nowhere. Bit behind in posting here at the moment and trying to get to grips with why my Twitter thingamy is getting so many followers…all quite mad methinks!
        Re synopsis, I obtained a couple of books, well more novella or short story based which are written by some successful author or other specifically on pitching to agent, synopsis and book blurbs. Really got me thinking and deciding my effort was pants so baby to the drawing board. Only this time, I rather think I know more about what I’m doing! As you say time will out and all that…or…I go buy the fabled red away team shirt and take up horticulture 🤔

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      • You have achieved a perfect balance between sense and nonsense, Gary. I read your messages as part message in a bottle – like a cry for help, and part declaration to the world of your intent to … eat its head! If the world were more chocolate and less a substance of a similar colour and consistency, I would be up there with you at the front of the queue. But as it is – I have a small furry animal to excise from my face before it eats me, lock, stock and eyeballs. Damn – I forgot to tell you not to read this. I should have. No – you can’t have the last 45 seconds back. Sorry.
        Is the ‘fabled red away team shirt’ some reference to popular culture or just a referent to the inner dynamics of your mind pertaining to some allegorical state. Either way – it floated past – out of reach – waaaaay above my head. Nice. This is as things should be. Did you find out why your Twitter is going crazy? If so – can I have one? 🙂

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      • I think it stems from observation of the world’s idiocracy. Media and general think tanks (can no longer use brain storming as, by definition, it requires a few brains) policies that the more learned person would look at, roll eyes and tell said person to go home. I may be called cynical, but I prefer realist because the powers that be are somewhat large in the shout and small in the deed….soap boxing….balance…. Or beer…beer is good….well it would be if our publican could be pursuaded tapping a real ale cask is the first part of a fermentation process and not the time to bang the barrel on.
        Ye fabled red shirt, I think, is now akin to the suicide vest….don it in a long running tv series and it is unlikely next weeks script will have you in it…read into that what you may…verily will it change chapter to chapter…or something like that…even I have now entirely list myself 🤔
        No idea re Twitter….it went from a meagre few hundred to 3500…obviously there is a constant turnover of follows and unfollows but these are normally strange webcam folk seeking funds to purchase clothing 🤔


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