Mother Teresa’s Tattoo

I know you won’t believe me, and there ain’t nobody but that’ll back me up. Old Teri’s long since left us, and I’ll won’t be long afore I foller on. So I’s got to tell you now, or it’s going to be never.

She was only wee – you gotta remember that, but her will was like iron railings. And so it warn’t a whim, but more like a bolden plan that it came about. She hadn’t even been drinking – she warn’t into that kinda thing, not even then, but she said as she wanted summat steady and true so as to tell ’em as what it was as she really felt.

I sez to ‘er that her heart was steady enough without needing that kinda scaffolding but, bless her stockings, she was fixed on the idea.

It was me that took ‘er to the shop. Seediest place you ever did see, but they was clean – she made sure of that. Warn’t no point in getting carried of with an infection – that’d be just too hironic, she telled me. And she laughed to say that – right up until the needle touched her flesh.

Like I says, there’s only me what saw it. Tiny, it was. From afar you could have taken it fer a natrul thing and even from near – it was just an alteration to what came afore. But when she showed me it, all quiet and shy like, I knew where she was and where she was headed for.

Her heart was always with Jesus, you see, and to get ’em to fashion a nother heart on top a that was all she needed so as to let the world know that her body was fer Jesus too.

There warn’t no doubt in my mind as she did it mostly fer me, though. She knew as I loved her – even then, and to give me this sign, and shown it to me plain – well I tell you – that was the kindest thing she could ever do. And I’ll never forget that. Not never.


8 thoughts on “Mother Teresa’s Tattoo

  1. Stop taking whatever you are taking before your mind decides to never come back from where it has gone. If you stop and are very good it may even bring you back a souvenier. And those men with nets at your door are just there to help you, do not bite them. Get help, get well, then start again!

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