How I Became a Vegetarian – Twice

I once gave up meat twice.

The first time was because of a girl. Typical – right? You see, she was a strict vegetarian and so I thought that I would be in-with-a-chance (so to speak) if I became one too.

This is how my first day as a born-again-vegetarian went:

  • Caught bus to work
  • Went to sandwich shop
  • Purchased breakfast sandwich
  • Got half way through said meal
  • Realised that I was eating a bacon, egg and tomato sandwich
  • Reasoned to myself that I could start the diet tomorrow instead
  • Finished eating, and thoroughly enjoying my breakfast.

I did remember to change my sandwich the very next morning, and I got the girl … but the diet only lasted as long as she did. Hey-ho.

The second time was because of my hand on the handle of the frying pan. I used to go to see my nannan (maternal grandmother) a couple of times a week when she was with us (and not quite as often afterwards), and she used to buy me food so that I could cook it for my dinner. This one time, it was pork chops.

So I started frying them and then, suddenly, something grabbed my attention. I noticed that my hand was the same colour as the meat, and that there were long bones in both my hand and the chop, and that the chop had a muscular structure that was not unlike that of my hand. There was something so profoundly similar between my hand and the contents of the frying pan that I never knowingly ate meat at any point after that!

Apart from the chops, of course – which were deslish!


26 thoughts on “How I Became a Vegetarian – Twice

    • Hey, hey, hey – long time no hear-from! How you going, sweetlips? 😀
      I gave up eating meat after the second time – it just seemed like I would be too much like a cannibal if I continued!
      So, how have you been, TWBG – been arrested, travelled the world on the back of a camel or seen any good movies lately? 🙂

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      • Hahaha I’m gooooood! Busy, but I like being busy so no complaints! I’ve tried giving up meat thrice but idk man 😛
        Well, things are going good lately! Not arrested yet, did travel around the country, watched too many movies, and did a few good things as well 🙂 how are things at your end?

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      • Things are going good here. I got a new job, I’m now a Software Designer & Developer for real, rather than a data monkey. I started an MA in Creative Writing, so you’re going to see a lot more stories, poems and some drama from me in the future. I’m getting a new car – a bright red classic sports car, so I’m looking forward to that. My dad’s doing it up for me – he’s a really good guy – and clever too. Hi Dad, if you’re reading this – how’s the car coming on? 🙂
        What made you go back to meat?
        What’s the best thing you saw on your travels?
        And – most important of all – what movie can you recommend for me to watch tonight? 😀
        Kindness – Robert.

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      • Wow wow wow, so to sum it all up- You’ve got a kickass job, and now you’re getting a kickass car! Good for you, dude! 😀 I don’t know, I love chicken 😛 I’m not sure about any other reason, except that I love the taste of meat!
        I traveled the whole of South India and the best thing I saw was a pack of Mary-Jane for half the price I usually score. 😛 Kidding (or am I?) Haha, no but, I’ve met a few really cool characters 🙂
        Do you have a particular genre in mind?

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      • Good summation – spot on. Except – “DAD! WHERE’S MY CAR!!”
        Genre? Hmm – Science Fiction, or Romantic Comedy (including Bollywood) – you choose. 😉
        You have such a beautifully bodacious energy about you. But I guess you know that already, right?
        Kindness – Robert.

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      • You watch Bollywood movies? I rarely watch them. There are very few that I like. Ok, check this one out: “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”
        You’ll love it, I’m sure. Let me know once you watch it!
        And Sci-fi, I’ve heard The Primer and District 9 is really good, so I’ll be checking those out.
        And, yes I know 😛 but, thank you for saying that 🙂
        Have a nice day Robert!


  1. Woah. That’s something. I’m a hard core non-vegeterian for thar case. I wonder how you did that. But about the pork chops I’d say- I love chicken. (Have never tried it and as far as I know I never will).

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      • Then I’m glad I never tried it. And I really had no idea what frogs and snakes taste like. Thank you for the information. But nah!! They have never been on my ‘to-try’ list.
        Uh-uh.. They don’t sell it at KFC, not that I know of atleast. Given that they taste the same, that’s something I would never know of. I wonder how many frogs and snakes have made my way through my alimentary canal till date. 😓


  2. Did you really eat the pork chop after that? lol. Those both seem like good reasons. It’s impressive that, the second time, you remained a vegetarian. You have good willpower.

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  3. “Diet lasted as long as she did.” 😂😂 You’re funny, yes I said that again. 😛 I’ve vegetarian friends and we have a debate about this every single day. I’m sick of them. I love animals but I can’t give up eating them.😭 I’m a bad person. 😅

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    • Hey Namrata – how’s you? Seems like ages since we’ve spoken. I thought everyone in India was vegetarian, like it was part of the religion or something! 🙂
      I doubt very much that you’re a bad person though. You should write a post about what you and your friends say – I would find that to be fascinating!
      Right – going to have to some food now. Have a great … oh, wait – shouldn’t you be asleep by now? 🙂

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      • Yeah, it’s 1am here. I find nights very peaceful, so I’m usually awake- thinking, writing, reading. 😊 Also, yes it’s been so long talking to you. I’m fine, how are you? And my vegetarian friends constantly complain about how ruthless I am to eat animals, to which I say that I’m an important part of the food chain, and it’s my job to finish off the animals. 😛 And btw, not every Indian is a vegetarian. It depends on the religion and basically on the people.


  4. I had a similar experience recently involving a course I went on, and needing to study a diagram of the heart. It freaks me out how similar the insides of us are to the insides of the things we eat. But I’ve been vegetarian for over twenty years now so, I guess that insight wasn’t much of a revelation. I’d really like to say some more about the subject, but it might get messy so; let’s leave it at that.

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    • Say as much, or as little as you need. It’s good to get it out. If it gets too much, I’ll just make a subtle signal – like: consign you to the spam bin. 😉
      Otherwise – post it on your blog and put the link here – then we can all benefit from your insights without censure.
      It’s good to find someone who shares an experience – thanks.
      Kindness – Robert.

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