Rational / Irrational Numbers

Rational numbers are those that can be expressed as fractions and Irrational Numbers totally blew Ancient Greek philosophers away, man!

Here are a few cool numbers about books and the like:

  • 3,900,000,000 – approximate number of copies of the Holy Bible sold between 1962 and 2012 (Stylist Mag)
  • 129,864,880 – total number of books in the world as of 2010 (Google Search blog)
  • 32,000,000 – adults in the United States who couldn’t read when 2013 rolled around (U.S. Department of Education and the National Institute of Literacy)
  • 1,084,170 – words in total in all seven Harry Potter novels (hp-lexicon)
  • 237,500 – characters of text in an average book, calculated as 190 x 250 x 5 (some anonymous guy on Quora)
  • 24,812 – average number of words that I write each month on this blog (my trusty calculator)
  • 2,875 – number of new titles published per million inhabitants in the UK in 2014 – a world record for the year (IPA)
  • 1,300 – copies of Paradise Lost (Poem by John Milton) sold within 2 years of its 1167 publication date (Literature, Culture, and Society – Andrew Milner).
  • 108 – average number of books I have read per annum between 2013 and 2015 (Goodreads)
  • 10 – number of totally random book and word related facts on this post (me).

And the fact that I spent time doing this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s not just numbers that can be irrational.


50 thoughts on “Rational / Irrational Numbers

  1. I’ve always wondered why irrational numbers are called so and who decided to name them that! If they had feelings, they would actually feel bad because someone decided to call them irrational, won’t they?? Well I would, if I were an irrational number!
    On a different note, love the post! B-)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hiya sweet thing!
      Yes – to answer your question – I had run out of inspiration for this series of posts (writing tips) and so I did something easy instead (shh – don’t tell anyone)!
      Thanks for being amazed – that’s very kind of you. 😉
      It’s been too long – how have you been, Jyoti?
      Kindness and hugs – Robert.


    • (blush) Yes – I suppose I do happen to think that I’m slap bang in the middle of my own pet universe. The world keep trying to disabuse me of the notion, but I’m clinging on. Still clinging on! 🙂
      How are you, my dear – life treating you good?


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