I Heard My Song On The Radio!!

Just got such a buzz! I was listening to a stream on Soundcloud and then, out of nowhere, one of my songs came on and I was, like, ‘hey – this sounds familiar – I wonder what it is.’ And that’s when I realised that it was something I sang, recorded and produced a couple of years ago and in my mind I went ‘wow! I love this!!’ Honestly, it was a great experience. As I sat listening to it, I was wrapped in this really nice buzzy feeling that I can still feel now.

And, you know – compared to the other stuff in the stream, it wasn’t actually that bad either!

I now know how proper recording artists feel the first time they hear their song on the radio. It wasn’t that the song was smooth (but it was smooth enough) or polished (but it was shiny enough for me) or even that the singing was any good (image a nervous 12 year old singing in front of a live studio audience for the first time in his life) but it was me! It was my song!! It was mine!!!

Okay, enough with the exclamation marks already – here is the song if you want to take a listen. It’s called Little Star (wah-hoo): https://soundcloud.com/levishedated/little-star-wah-hoo-robert



97 thoughts on “I Heard My Song On The Radio!!

  1. Haha, congratulations! I believe experiencing that would be amazing!

    Also… Thank you Robert for a comment you made days ago on one of my posts, “The Night Before”, sounds weird that I come and coment this, but thought it was a must! 😁
    I have to admit it was the first time I read that comment because apparently it was on my spammed comments. Then I replied before approving it, so that somehow erased it… 😅BUT: Thank you so much for reading it and for your sweet compliments! It certainly is a moment that is very anticipated by long distance couples. ☺

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    • I must make confession … Forgive me Fernanda for I have stalked. Well, not really – there was alonk from your blog to a something and then a link to something else and so, by following your own breadcrumb trail I came across an article in a magazine about long distance relationships, and the advantages thereof and I do believe that you are in one with a young guy in Australia. And so when I saw that post, I commented with that knowledge. I didn’t want to say anything too explicit there, just in case it was something you wanted to keep private, but now you are on my blog I guess I can tell you? So – how’s that going for you? 🙂
      And yes – I would wish the experience of hearing their song on the radio on anyone – it was certainly one of the highlights of my day so far (I have 20 minutes left to go). 🙂 I hope your day is going well and that you have something good planned for the weekend. Goodnight!

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      • Hehe, no worries! Yes, I am in a long distance relationship with a guy from Australia, but don’t worry about being “too explicit” I am really open about it, so it’s really okay!
        Well, it’s going really well, we’re really happy with each other. I mean, there are off days like any other relationship not just romantically, there the obvious parts such as the distance part and time difference, but there’s a lot of effort put in from both sides. Thank you for asking 😊
        Happy you were able to experience that! Same here, hope you have a great weekend! Goodnight 😊

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      • I think that’s so sweet, Fernanda! I hope you get together in ‘real’ when you’re both ready and that you find lasting happiness and make lots of cute babies and … what’s that? I’m getting carried away? Oh, well, maybe.
        Happiness to you both either way on. 🙂

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      • Oww, hehe thank you for the compliment, but I’m afraid it’s the other way around ☺😅
        Fortunately I did, I was avle to rest a lot and had a really calm yet productive weekend! Hehe thank you for askking, what about you?


  2. You know what? I didn’t know you were a musician. When I wrote that about my friend. Isn’t that funny? Ok, it’s not that funny. But- amazing! It must have felt so good to hear your song. After I listened to your reading(which I will comment on over there) I just let your soundcloud play. (Why did you not say- oh yes, I too have a soundcloud account and would you like a listen? Here is the web address- when I said I had one? Holding out on me I see. Anyway, I really enjoyed my listen through your tracks. You have a soft voice and when it gets deep and kind of gravelly like in Ain’t no Sunshine,

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    • Oops. Got so excited, I hit send!
      Anyway, yes. Like in ANS, it’s really appealing(read:sexy). I’m glad I discovered your songs all by myself with no help from you. 😄


    • Yeah, you’re right – holding out on you. Well, to be honest – these things just seem normal to me. It would be like me finding out you have a nose and saying – ‘what? You never told me you have a nose!’ Well – not exactly, but I guess you know what I mean.
      But yes, a truly wonderful experience to hear my song. I can’t properly express the joy that welled up.
      Thanks for your comments about my voice. I’ve always wanted to take voice lessons or singing lessons because from the inside it sounds like a fragile, wimpy mess. I play guitar too. 🙂

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      • It’s late for you isn’t it? I love the name too. What would I say? I don’t know. Back then I would’ve wanted to kiss him some more. He has a nice mouth. But given who he is now I’d just hug him and tell him he’s okay.

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      • That’s sweet! 🙂 He’d probably like that.
        It’s funny, but on Friday, I met a Josh on the way home. Him and Aaron – a couple of Mormons sent from the land of the free to convert us heathens to the path of the righteous (or something like that). 🙂
        Nice guys, actually. We shook hands. No kisses or hugs. 🙂

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      • You have Mormons over there? The thing about those guys is they are super nice. Almost creepily nice. And they always seem to look the same. Did you talk to them?

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      • Oh yes – we chat for a while every time we meet. But I made it very clear right from the get-go that I’m not interested in Mormonanity (or whatever the word is), and they seem okay with that, and they still show an interest in what I do. I respect that. 🙂
        But yeah – super nice. It’s really ingrained in them. They are like Glaswegian shop assistants – ultra polite and professional. Almost Stepford Wifeish. (yeah – I know – I’m making up far to many words today)
        They come here to train – for 2 years – they go back to the US to unleash their mighty powers on y’all!! 😀

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      • They are supposed to go on a mission after high school for two years. It’s not required but proselytizing is a big part of the religion. I suppose it could be adventurous. And I’m sure they’re trained on how to represent their faith. They are always very nice. I’ve never been to a Glaswegian shop. 😉

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      • Ah, you should pay a visit to Glasgow – just to meet those shop-assistants – it’s only just across the water, 😉
        I don’t really see how they could get any converts here in the UK – it’s just too – alien really. Oh – wait – you’re not a Mormon are you?

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