Rhythm Method


Imagine that the rhythm of your life is like a wrecking ball – moving ponderously backwards and forwards, round and around. Imagine that this solid mass is now swinging towards you and you want it to stop at the exact place that you’re at. Here are some options:

  1. Stand in the path of that huge weight and try to seize it and keep it there
  2. Wait until the ball is where you want it to be and then savour that moment
  3. Jump on top of that ball and let it take you on a journey to wherever
  4. Find a better metaphor for your life.

You have the power and freedom to choose. Which course of action belongs to you?

141 thoughts on “Rhythm Method

  1. I don’t really have to imagine… 🙃 my life is definitely like it!!! … I thought anyone’s life was like it…😅 … Anyway… If you ask me…
    I don’t really need to jump! I’m ON IT AT ALL TIMES!

    👍🏼really good post Mr.!

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  2. Watch work out where it was well clear of the ground, have a nice nap and then just draw on the passing ball until it either stopped or someone came to stop me. Then I would lure your fast zombies into its path and see how they bounce.

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