Did you know that Pythagoras (yep – the triangle guy) invented vegetarianism, and that before the word was coined in the 1840s, non meat-eaters were known as ‘Pythagoreans’? Nope – me neither – because he didn’t – he was just the first important person to advocate that diet. But still – that bit about ‘Pythagoreans’ is true.

Some diets make you perform better than others, and others make you think better than some. So if you want to get creative with your thinking and doing, you might find that it’s all a bit of a trade-off.

Here are some foods and the effects they could have on your thinking and doing (if you are anything like me):

  • Cheese Sandwich. This is my rescue remedy. If you ever see me looking down-in-the-mouth, just feed me one of these. My favourite cheeses are the crumbly ones like Cheshire, Lancashire or Wensleydale although anything will do really, unless they are really strong, in which case they raise bumps on the roof of my mouth (I’ve no idea why!). I’m not adverse to a bit of (egg free) mayo in there, but leave off the piccalilli – it tends to give me smelly wind, and no-one wants any part of that. If I’m down, I don’t really want to write, although I can – it just tends to be filled with deep sarcasm and self depreciating humour (I know – what’s the difference – right?). But after chewing on a sandwich, I tend to write in a lighter, more bubbly fashion – with fewer put-downs and less anger lurking in my ‘voice’.
  • Chocolate. Proper chocolate is infinitely better than stuff pumped full of sugar, which just tends to make me itchy in the short term and depressed in the long. My favourite at the moment is Marks & Spencer Swiss Chocolate – Extra Fine Milk (it’s my birthday on the 30th of July – just saying) – a smooth blend that is silky in the mouth and mind. After eating the best chocolate, I feel as if I am floating. I go into a kind of ecstatic trance. My writing tends towards flights of fancy, alliteration and wild metaphors with flowery tendencies. Light-headed makes for lightness, and trips into the subconscious that pop sunshine memories into my mind. But be quick – it doesn’t tend to last long. I get sleepy afterwards.
  • Yoghurt. This is something that I definitely need to avoid if I want to write. It sends me to sleep instantly. Dreams are a lovely source of creative inspiration, but I tend to need to be awake to hook into them. Once I wake up from a yoghurt induced coma, I can write about the last dream I had and I can embellish it, adding in the sensory dimensions that may have been missing – the colours and sensations – the silky slide of flesh on flesh – the symphonic sibilance – the creamy textures and tastes. Nice.
  • Potatoes, pasta and rice. Heavy, heavy food for comfort and slow burn energy. I love to eat these things before a long writing-session because they give me the stamina I need for a long haul into the back-reaches of my mind. Memories pop from the clutches of the dark with help of this kind of energy and they are slow-moving and long-lasting enough for me to examine them carefully in order to extract the best and finest aspects. I love to go into a heavy trance and just revel in the depths of my back-catalogue with this delicious diet of comfortable carbs.
  • Decaffeinated tea. Cleansing of the palette is what this is all about for me. By palette, I mean the tongue and teeth of the mind. If I am feeling dark – this lightens me right up; dull becomes sharp, below becomes above, fluctuating flows into level and sour becomes sweet. If I want to change the mood of my writing then this is my go to drug. Moving from one scene to another, in a longer piece of work, sometimes necessitates a change of pace and if I don’t have time to sleep in-between, I sip on a piping hot cup of weak, milky decaf. Heaven!
  • Oranges. I used to work for a mail-order catalogue, taking calls from people wanting lingerie and settees, just waiting for my break to come around – a sarnie, bag of crisps and an orange. Then I would go for a pee and wash my hands before getting back to the phone-lines. After a while, I noticed that I had an itch …  down there and so I would subtly scratch and ponder on the cause of this mysterious (and rather intimate) rash. After more than enough scratching, it came (behave!) to me – it was the oil from the orange peel! And the take-away message? Always wash your hands before you … ahem, touch your sensitive parts. Okay, you’re shocked and outraged now, and probably wonder what this has to do with writing – right? Well, nothing really – I just thought I’d throw that story in for free. You’re welcome.

If it’s not already patently obvious, let me say that I’m not giving medical advise here, and if you do want to make substantial changes to your diet then you should have a word with someone with different letters after their name than me (BSc, PGDip if you’re interested).

At the end of the day – this is all about the effects of food on my writing. It’s just about me. Well it is!

Having said that – I’d love to know what your diet does to your mind.

42 thoughts on “Vegetarianism

  1. Happy Birthday in case I don’t log in again soon! 🙂 You should try these.. made in the UK and then you get satisfied while living ethically

    Heres why this type of company is good to support rather than regular dairy. It is an episode for kids so no graphic stuff.

    Then there are so many great dairy free chocolate brands out there which are the real deal and really hit the stop. The trick is to get a good organic brand.. that way you have more of a chance of suppprting fairtrade too to stop harm to kids in the chocolate trade. Look out for the brands vivani, blakes, seed and bean and more. You can get regular old plain choc that tastes just like milk.. have you tried the tesco free from range? 🙂 Cruelty free chocolate is the best chocolate!

    The way I eat gives my mind clarity and helps me strive to grow stronger and stronger and get even more connected with my environment. A big bag of fresh juicy organic cherries while I write or cut a melon in half and dig in . The bomb!

    As for yogurt have you ever tried the soy yogurt or coconut? Maybe then you could enjoy without being sleepy 😊

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    • Maybe you snuck into my head in the night, Emma and planted a suggestion because I’ve just switched from chocolate to nakd cocoa crunch, which is ‘cheerfully vegan’ – yay! Let’s see how I go on with that. I have tried soya yoghurt – once, but I forgot to check if it make me feel sleepy – maybe it’s time for another.
      How are you, Emma – still travelling, or back home? Did you ever finish that journalism course?
      Kindness – Robert.
      (thanks for all the food information – very useful)

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  2. Cheese & marmite mate c’mon LOL >>> As for fruit we are addicted to the Nutribullet which I brought over with me last year. We have a couple of big glasses of different blends of seasonal fruits with a dash of filtered water, yum! >>Piccalilli LOLOLOL<<

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  3. 🙂 🙂 I love this! So amazed at the fun and extravagant posts you bring to your blog. What a marvelous mind you have Robert.

    Chocolate.. did you say chocolate?? I like your taste. I used to think that Europe had the best chocolate, but I have been pleasantly surprised by new discoveries I have made. If you come to US and like dark chocolate: Scharffen Berger Chocolate is a great one to try. And if you feel adventurous into trying chocolate that has hints of lavender, saffron, chipotle, cardamom, or Earl Grey tea you can try Richard Donnelly’s fine chocolates. Both are Cali based 🙂

    I have not payed attention to the correlation of food with my writing, but once I notice something I will be able to answer your question. The only thing I have a very simple mind, if I am hungry I cannot write.

    Hope your lunch was yummylicious!
    Dajena 🙂

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  4. Not quite there just yet myself re. figuring out how what I eat effects my thoughts; except when it comes to coffee… that stuff get’s me tripping pretty hard and I get heavily inspired, to think, to write. But. It makes me an unpleasant person too, or it puts me in a space that is not ‘relationship friendly’, so, I’m four weeks into giving the stuff up. I love cheese too, has a profound effect on my dream life, but it’s on the endangered species list too ~ the whole trying to go vegan thing.

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    • I like the way you think, and speak. Putting cheese on the endangered species list – nice. I saw some reference to how eating affects you on you latest post (of the 17th Sep) and it gave me a nice feeling. Thanks for visiting and sharing, (oh nameless one). 🙂
      Kindness – Robert.

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