Biological Warfare

Using living organisms as a weapon to kill, incapacitate, or harm an enemy is not a modern invention – it is claimed that the Assyrians were at it 600 years BCE when they poisoned enemy wells with the ergot fungus.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself that it’s wrong to kill, but what if your enemy is your own thoughts and habits – the ones that hold you back. What if you desperately want to rid yourself of the urge to sit eating chocolate whilst replying to the comments on your blog, when you know that you should be getting on with writing your synopsis (for example)?

Here’s a quick guide to how you can wage warfare on unhelpful habits – and win:


I hope you found this guide useful.

46 thoughts on “Biological Warfare

  1. A humerous one to get the mind started!!! for a minute there I was thinking you were really going to go on with the biological warfare……..umm….really, your blog is aditictive…..

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  2. Sound advice Rob…obviously sleep would help matters too….I do detect God Strain biological doom and despair and a word mos evil….synopsis….very Slytherin that one….syn-op-sissss…might even open some chambers that 😊

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  3. Oh dear, I just woke up my dogs through laughing out load.
    Since I’m a Mimosa Pudica…”won’t do, what you tell me”…
    Killing in the name of…this song came to mind 😉

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