New Genre – Rorroh

I’ve just invented a new literary genre – it’s called Rorroh.

It’s quite similar to Horror, but it’s very different in tone and consequence.

Here’s how it works: you take up a standard Horror story, but instead of reading it from start to finish so that it begins rather innocently, and then ends with a shocking or gruesome scene, you instead read the story (paragraph by paragraph) from finish to start.

In this way the story is perceived to begin with a horrifyingly cataclysmic scene, but then as the tale progresses, everything gets better and better until it finally reaches a point of calm, peace and innocence.

The following link to a post by published author G. Jefferies is particularly amenable to being read as Rorroh.

Indeed, it is the inspiration for my own post.

104 thoughts on “New Genre – Rorroh

  1. Firstly, my fine friend, many thanks for linking my rambling backstory-cum-story-in-waiting to this intriguing new genre…my first thought was to create a short horror story specifically written back to front to meet the criteria…to wit an idea has indeed thrown itself forwards. πŸ€”

    On second reading it seems there is also an element of hunting already written ones that might slot into this genre to maximise sales as per C.J. Hartwell above! I must now go read mine again back to front and ponder this more 😊

    I am particularly intrigued by the gruesome opener where everyone is despatched in gore…to find them re-incarnated working backwards to the point where they enter a foreboding forest dappled in sunlight carrying a picnic basket…there is some comedic horror in this 😱

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