I used to tell everyone that I was really shy and that this was why I didn’t mix well with people.

Now, instead of this, I think of myself as basically happy and radiant, with my shyness being a superficial layer on top.

This has made it much easier for me to effect change within myself. At the end of the day, taking off a mask is aΒ heck of a lot easier than changing my fundamental nature.


32 thoughts on “Unmasked

    • I’m an extrovert with an overactive mind. I say things out loud then think too much about how people react to what I say. This tends to inhibit me in my next interaction with them. It comes over as introvert, but it’s not quite that.
      I’ve often w0ndered why it’s easier for me to interact and speak my mind online – any insights? πŸ™‚
      Have a great day – Robert.


      • That’s quite interesting. I’ve never heard of anyone describe themselves in this manner. I also interact with people online with an easier manner. I haven’t a clue…also the only time my mind is overactive is when I can’t sleep. Guess we will have to chalk it up to human peculiarities.


      • I believe that at the heart we are all pure – that we are like a diamond covered by all kinds of layers of rubbish. The outer layer is the one that denies that the layers of rubbish exist. Once this has gone then it appears that we are made up of rubbish (and people then mistake that rubbish for the ‘true self’) but this is not so. Once we stop living in denial, we can start to clean away the rubbish (not wallow in it like some people can do). I wouldn’t say that I am good at cleaning rubbish, but being aware that the trash is full is at least the first step to taking it out.
        But I guess you know all of that already. You are wise, Jyoti – and I love you.
        All Kindness.

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      • I certainly believe that if we accept of our rubbish selves, we still have a diamond like heart. To know there is something that needs to be cleansed off our souls and to understand the need to come out shining like a diamond is a sign of being human. Thanks for your inputs Robert. Great post.

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  1. We all wear masks to a certain extent. Some more than others. And the mask is not always apparent. Some people are very guarded but you would never think so because they seem open and forthcoming. Does one want to be vulnerable, for example? Nevertheless, one of the brilliant things about writing is being able to cloak yourself in fiction. The reader is never sure if it’s really about the writer or not.

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  2. Loving all this mask talk. Taking it off, putting it on, off, on, off, until we forget which is real and which the public face. A face for him another for her. I think they’ll merge in the end if we’re not careful, or maybe they already have.

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