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Many people comment about My Sense of Humour (MSoH) and so I thought it might be nice if I tried to explain something about it. And this is it: MSoH is not my own – I stole (okay – borrowed) it from The Pythons.

Back in the late 1960s there came upon the world a thing known as Monty Python’s Flying Circus (MPFS). An yea verily, in the fullness of time, this surreal British comedy group known as MPFS did take MSoH, inject it with growth hormones and release it back into my life, and after that – I was pretty much never the same again.

I read their autobiography last year and here is how I reviewed the book on Goodreads:

Forget about the impact of The Pythons on British Culture and The World, what about the impact of The Pythons on My Sense of Humour!

I think it’s fair to say that I have a warped sense of humour, and for this I hold The Pythons to be fully responsible. I mean, one of them is from my home town of Sheffield – it’s clearly a plot!

The thing is, this has infected and affected my entire adult life.

Whereas before The Pythons, the worst thing that could be said about me was ‘Must try harder’; after The Pythons (henceforth to be known as MPFS (duly copied and ready to paste)) I find that just about everything I say and do is largely incomprehensible to vast swathes of the human race.

Take shop assistants as an example – an exemplary breed of people for the most and, because of their (management injected) desire to retain custom, often the bearers of the only opportunity for some people (customers – sad, single, lonely customers) to have any kind of conversation.

For example: enter me into shop – big smile on face – walks up to shopkeeper:
Me: Hi – how’s your day going?
Shopkeeper: What?
Me: Can you tell me if you have any multipacks of McCoy’s Salt and Vinegar crisps in stock?
Shopkeeper: What?
Me: I’ll just go and look on the shelf then.
Shopkeeper: Uh, they’ll be on the shelf if we have any.
Me: Thanks.

I don’t know why I’m incomprehensible in this way – maybe I’m smiling in the wrong tone of voice, maybe it’s the silly walk, maybe people are distracted by my bright yellow Mr Smiley t-shirt – I just don’t know.

At work – misunderstood.

At home – barely understood but still trying.

In shops – see above.

In books – no requirement for understanding. Is it any wonder I read so much?

MPFS has changed me, but his book doesn’t tell me why or how. The book just contains the facts of the matters as seen through the eyes and memories of the six guys who did the needful. It’s not funny. It doesn’t tell you why MPFS is funny. It doesn’t explain anything really.

Apart from that – it’s really good.

So there you have it – MSoH is not, in fact, part of my nature, it is more a part of my nurture. Oh sure, you could say that I was born in such a way that I was predisposed to these kinds of influences, but had they not come along I would not have been affected so.

I wonder what I would have been like without MPFS …

Hmm – I guess we’ll never know.


73 thoughts on “My Sense of Humour

  1. Brilliant.
    Their intellect and abject silliness nurtured my inner dorkness and bent me in a way that’s palpable. I can’t even tell you how often their lines pop into my head. (run away!)

    Your shopkeeper “what?” is hilarious precisely because I was seeped in their vision and portrayal of the mundane and the absurd. (after dinner mint?)

    Fawlty Towers, or Flowery Twats, too remains a source of never ending hilarity. (I know nuuuuthing) It never gets old.

    You’ve made me wanna fire up Netflix.
    (Right! That’s it!) 😁✌

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  2. Robert, maybe your sense of humor is from the Python’s ,” nurture” as you put it. But you did absorb the good essence, which is a great thing. Not only did you obtain it, but have put good use to it, I am sure all your readers will agree with me!!

    Liked by 3 people

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