Continual Progess

The belief that humankind is in a continual state of self-improvement.

Can you believe that the first time humankind recorded the notion of continual progress was about 700BCE? How odd! I wonder what they thought before that date – that humankind was regressing? Or perhaps they didn’t think about it all.

I remember as a teenager being very confused about the subject. It seemed to me, from my narrow perspective as an English boy, that people were better off on a material level – they were living longer, travelling faster and had more technical knowledge. etc. But on a spiritual level, they seemed to be worse off – there was the fall, moral values were degrading and there were more and bloodier conflicts all over the world, which seemed itself to be perpetually on the brink of an untimely apocalypse.

It took me a good few years to figure out what was happening. That there was, over the years and centuries, a shift in focus from spiritual to material values. People are simply interested in accumulating more and more stuff rather than storing up for themselves treasures in the next world. The decline in church attendance and the rise of the shopping mall are just the latest episodes of an age old story.

So, what can we do about it? Simple – write a book about what is happening.

Here are a few ways to exploit document the way things are around here:

  • Self Help. It seems that helping yourself is the new God. These kinds of books are selling by the bucket load so why not get yourself in there and write one. It’s actually quite easy to do – all you need is a new spin on an old story. Take the ten commandments for example – put them in a modern context and they make a lot of sense. A nice little ten chapter book on how to have a happy butt would go down a real treat in suburbia.
  • Get Rich. As the Earth’s resources dwindle, so grows humankind’s eagerness to cut their slice of the pie before it all gets eaten. And like kids in a sweet shop, we’re all fixing to get our fix as quick as we can. So what better than a tome on how to get rich quick. No-one has the time to do it the hard  way – they just want to know the short-cuts and rat-runs. So give them what they want already. Quick, quick!
  • Hook Up. In a connected world (electronically speaking) no-one has time to go out and talk to the neighbours anymore – they are all online chatting to their 1000+ BFF online. Blogs, emails, chats … well, you know how it goes – you’re here! So why not exploit that vein of gold and write a book on how to get more Follows, Likes and Comments than anyone else. Tip – it’s not rocket science – just be interesting and nice.
  • Waste Time. Tips on how to waste time abound. There are endless websites that detail tips and cheats for every game around, from Infuriated Avians through Squashed Sweetie Saga to World of Wombats. And hey, all you have to do to research your book is to play a few games. What could be sweeter? Note – other wastes of time are available.
  • Spend Cash. What with consumerism being the name of the game, everyone wants to know when and where the next big sale is going to happen. People actually visit stores just to find out when the sale is on – can you imagine? So what better book to write than one detailing all the sales you’ve ever attended, how much money you saved, and what wondrous bargains you bagged yourself. Man, that has got to be a rivetting read!
  • Win Big. The whole gambling, sport, lottery ticket, scratchcard thang is big bucks in this brave new world. It’s just so much easier to win a million than put in the hard work and make a million by the sweat of your own brow. Well here’s the thing – writing a book about how to win big, with pictures of those who have already done it, could be worth a few bucks. All the information has been in the papers – just cut and paste it into your book, give it a thorough rewrite and you’ll be on to a winner.
  • Find Fame. Celebrities just can’t get enough of being in your face and you just can’t get enough of having them in you face. Oh, what a beautiful love match! If you can’t persuade a local celeb to let you write his or her autobiography, then just stalk them for a while and write an unauthorised biography. Chances are it’ll sell even more copies than an authorise one – particularly if you can get some juicy snaps or a few gossipy quotes from the neighbours. Fame from fame – what a gay game!
  • Know Stuff. The rise and rise of sites like Wikipedia and actually, the internet itself are fuelled by humankind’s insatiable appetite for knowledge. There are more books, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets and posters in circulation now than at any time in the history of forever. You might think to yourself that the world does not need one more book about whether robots dream of electric kettles, but the evidence shows you to be wrong – this is precisely what people are demanding. It would be a shame if you did not listen. Write a book about what you know, and do it now!

You’ll notice that I didn’t mention anything here about … ah, you nearly caught me there – I’m not going to mention … Sigh – okay – the most popular subject in all the world is … the weather!

Oh, wait a sec – I just read the small print:

‘… the list omits any porn related keywords’.

Sigh. Have a nice day, peeps.



11 thoughts on “Continual Progess

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  2. Wow, am aware of the world becoming more materialistic, but to actually read it, it feels more omnious!! a really a good writer hope you are really going to write one ( book ) yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve written a couple of novels, and I hope to turn these Writing Tips into a book when I have enough of them.
      And hey – that thing about materialism – that’s just my point of view really. I’m sure that a lot of people have God in their hearts. Maybe they are just shopping for God. 😉

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      • Thank God you can’t see me now!!I just feel embarrassed!! I think I have been in the kid zone for long!! I really didn’t know you had written books!! So sorry.
        Your point of materialism! its more real than reality!! Anyways I am a strong believer in God! and do try to infuse it in my family!

        Well! I had a few words in mind to write yesterday… but I think its good I didn’t 😉

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      • Nothing at all to apologise for and certainly nothing to be embarrassed about! How were you to know. In fact – I’m just a big kid in a sweetie shop – grabbing words and thrusting them willy-nilly into my rushed and tumbling sentences. I’m actually quite amazed that anyone can make sense of them at all.
        Yes – I’m on God’s side too. I try to sit with God, inside – where it’s nice and quiet. How often I remember to do that is a different matter. I wish you has written what you were going to write yesterday. You are a good writer – entertaining and clear and always with an important message. 🙂
        Kindness – Robert.

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      • Well, That’s very kind of you. You have good choices with sweets! 😉

        I feel honored.. I just write… what I think!! which is not often 🙂

        I share your views when it comes to God. I do believe, but don’t pray ever day, I believe and tell my kids that believe in God, pray in your mind, it doesn’t have to be in a temple…anywhere, the thought of God is what counts!!

        well! this is what I thought about when I came to your blog!

        your awesome creativity
        stirs brain’s activity
        is it any wonder
        that I seem to wander
        to your wonderful blog!
        when my mind, I need to unclog!!

        like I have said before, your blog is addictive!!


      • You wrote me a poem? Now I feel honoured.
        Sometimes, God remembers me. Sometimes I am pulled into that presence, that solace, that peace. Spontaneous, with no need of special place or time – that’s how I like it.
        I’ve been in need of God today.
        Thank you, Chitra. 🙂

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      • 🙂
        That’s a good way to feel God. Planning to go to temple tomorrow, will keep you in my prayers..You will find what you want… am sure of that.
        Have a great weekend.

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