I Ching

The way of nature reveals itself through the oscillation between the forces of darkness and light. If you can determine the relationship between the forces of negative and positive at a given time, you can understand how to move forward harmoniously.

If you can’t determine where you are in life, then specialised dice can now be used to determine where your particular balance of dark and light is. I have some doubts myself, but the compelling draw of the chance element involved here does speak to the popularity of Dice Games such as Warhammer and the even more enthralling Snakes & Ladders.

However, a die is only a prop and a substitute for using your own mind.

While we’re on the subject of dice (which is the plural form) and die (which is the singular form) – why is it that mice and dice match as the plural, but mouse and douse do not correspond? Nor, when it comes down to it, do mie and die. English is a real complicated language – yes?

That aside, if you want to determine which way to go on the basis of how much dark and light are around you, then you just need to open your eyes. Lost in a forest? Head towards the lighter areas and it’s odds-on you are heading out of the woods. Or maybe towards the moon – who knows. It’s a fact that humans share up to 50% of their genetic material with cabbages, so humans and moths are bound to be even closer together!

We are all, metaphorically speaking, lost. When we can’t see the wood because of all those darned trees getting in the way, it’s comforting to fall back on rolling dice so that they can make our decisions for us. But here’s the thing – we don’t really need dice because we already know all the answers.

It’s a common thing to toss a coin to determine whether we stay in and eat left-over Chinese, or go out and get a jumbo bag of luxury chocolate misshapes (out of stock – you see how I’m saving you from yourself!) for dinner. But, is leaving such an important decision to chance really the right way to go? No, it is not!

Here’s what to do the next time you are short of the time, energy or wits to decide something as crucial as this. Toss a coin, call it, land it and look at what you have been commanded to do by the mighty forces of chance. Then (and this is the significant part) ask yourself how you feel about the coin’s choice. If you feel happy about it, go for it, but if you mentally groan and gripe when you see it – then do the exact opposite!

You’re welcome.

And now, the end is near and you’re probably wondering why this stuff is listed under Writing Tips. Am I right? Jolly good question, my friend. And the answer, quick as a flash, is – it’s a dynamic example of how to turn ancient Chinese Food into a fresh and tasty serving of Creative Writing.

Aw c’mon – they always say that it’s best to lead from the front. Well here I am – chase me, chase me!


33 thoughts on “I Ching

  1. No, not chance. Destiny. Inspiration. Never chance. There are no dice. Only cards. You choose which ones to play. Or chessmen and you calculate your move after carefully analyzing the board.

    You write when the voices speak, whisper, gesture from a distance… Wink at you, lick their lips. And you nod, acquiesce or turn away.

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  2. Amazing post. I love how you brought out the funny and ridiculous side of English. I have wanted to write something on those lines but you raced me to it! haha… πŸ˜€
    And making choices by tossing a coin…ah I have been doing it for ages. πŸ™‚

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    • So long as you make the coin a servant to you heart rather than the other way around then all is well. πŸ™‚
      Should I run my post subjects by you in advance so that we don’t clash? πŸ˜€
      My advice (for what it’s worth) – write what you were going to write anyway. It will be loved. πŸ˜‰

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