If you were an aroma then you would be freshly cooked bread, with an undertow of vanilla and musk to catch at the breath.
If you were a sensation then you would be a fine, warm wood like teak or oak, with a surface worn smooth with loving touches.
If you were a sight then you would be an Eastern bazaar, all copper and light with a rich delight in every nook and corner.
If you were a sound then you would be a warm forest at dusk, full of the deeply comforting sounds of animals and birds going about their appointed tasks, easy and fluid.
If you were a taste then you would be chocolate, arousing of pleasure, a deep, velvety happiness, a hazy dream down in the groin, a delicious hum about the chest, a keening call to the stars above.
If you were a direction then you would be home.

Robert C Day

Deep Green Forest Light is a photograph by Arvid Bjorkqvist.
Poem inspired byΒ comments at https://whatsandrathinks.com/

92 thoughts on “Home

    • Just to get it out of the way first (because I’m a pleasure delayer) my least favourite word it turquoise. I have absolutely no idea why – I just have always abhorred the word.
      Now I can settle back and enjoy the rest of my meal.
      My favourite words are serendipity, loquacious, slippery, sepia, oblong, quiescent, sibilance. Oh, this was more difficult than I thought it would be. Most all of your favourites are ones that I love too and so I feel jealous that you have already taken them, but at the same time, I would probably not have been able to find them. In the end, I just began to go through the alphabet hoping that something would suggest itself. I know that some letters turn me off and others turn me on (in terms of this exercise) and I find that to be very interesting. S is definitely my favourite letter – just the sound of it agrees with me. The harder letters – not so much. T is something I slipped past with an ugh of distaste in the mouth of my mind.
      Hmm – interesting. Thanks for this, Em. Thanks for … (something indefinable and out of reach)

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  1. Ohhh. wow Robert!! Swoonworthy!

    This poem is really one that whispers love to the heart. What a wondrous journey you have taken me! I particularly liked the progression of the poem from one sense to the other filling the mind with beautiful images that leave a soft loving sensation.

    I absolutely love all of the lines. But especially the “If you were a sensation then you would be a fine, warm wood like teak or oak, with a surface worn smooth with loving touches.” line. Okay, and the “home” made it super special.

    Such a delicate and passionate write. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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    • Hey Gaby – you visited – yay! How’s sunny Cali today? We are having a heat-wave in the UK, which to us means 28 degrees C. πŸ™‚
      I forgive you for going to bed – I wish I was there too. We had a wedding party next door for the past few days and they were kinda loud in the night.
      Glad you enjoyed the poem and, well – like you say – home is important, right?
      Keep it tight, chick. πŸ™‚

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        • Yeah, the heat – not easy. Money. Traffic. Money. Sheet – life is all … something to get used to, then you … well, you know. Move to England – plenty of cool breezes here. Not so much traffic out in the sticks. Not so many Cereal (yeah, I know) Killers either. And a whole 2 weeks of summer every single year – guaranteed! Beaches? Life is a beach! You were born in LA? I was born in Sheffield. Industrial city. Moved to York … but boring, boring, boring – right?
          Kindness – Robert.

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          • Hahahh, I was actually born in paramount (LA County) I visit Hollywood, Santa Monica etc. from time to time, pretty nearby from where I live now. I have always wanted took to Europe but I also want to go to Ireland ha.

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          • I can totally relate to wanting to be somewhere else – somewhere I can lose myself in …
            But I am where I am and it’s a good place.
            I read the Wikipedia page on Paramount – just because I can (and because I never did before) – the second Sinaloa. I hope you’re a face model – you could make a mint. Just saying. And you got some life!
            Who am I to say this to you though? Ireland is beautiful, but they only have 2 days of summer there. But still – beautiful. Not many people called Gabriela Gutierrez there – you’d be like a rare butterfly – so many nets chasing you across the country.
            I suppose I should get back to work – like Rhianna or Fifth Harmony or even Hozier when it comes to down to it. Who’s your favourite singer right now?
            You should totally do Europe though – like now – before it falls apart. 😦

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          • Thanks, I should totally be a face model lol. I hate the sun by the way. Maybe it’s because California is summer all year long that it’s annoying. What do you mean? My name is so common ha, they probably don’t spell it like mine but it’s so annoying. When I get married, maybe then I’ll be like a rare butterfly. My favorite singer? I don’t have one, ha. I really don’t have favorite anything.

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          • And now it’s my turn to apologise for replying so late. Yesterday was me and my brother in law driving for 2 hours into the wilds and doing a 24 mile, ten hour mountain trek – three peaks in one day with no cell phone reception. It was brilliant! Managed to get soaked to the skin twice, had a brilliant lunch on the top of a mountain in glorious sunshine, took in two pubs on the way (I guess you call them bars) and still got home in time for dinner! A little stiff when I woke up this morning (okay – let me test this joke out on you, Gaby) but that was because I needed to pee. πŸ™‚
            If you get married to an Irish guy then yeah, I guess Gaby Logan is going to be a common name in Ireland, but prolly not so much in LA, but Gutierrez would definitely be a novelty in Ireland. Even though you don’t like the sun on your face (and mine is bright red now from the sun I got yesterday – it will be brown tomorrow) you would probably get to rather bored with clouds after a while. Or maybe not – they could become a lifelong obsession – who knows. πŸ™‚
            I love the way you type the way that (I imagine that) you speak. I can just hear the way that ‘ha’ sounds in your mouth at the end of a sentence. I guess you use it the way some Londoners say ‘innit’ (isn’t it), which comes (I think) from the way Indians say ‘hey ne’ (is it not) when speaking Hindi and checking if the person they are talking to is on the same wavelength. If I’m totally wrong – educate me, yeah?
            I only say face model because I have no idea what your body is like, but if it’s as photogenic as your face? Okay – pretend I deleted that, like I should have done. 😦
            Favourite food? πŸ™‚
            Mine is anything Italian – pizza, spaghetti Bolognese, pasta, lasagna – that sort of thing.
            Sweetness – Robert.

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          • I LOVE the outdoors. I recently came back from camping in the woods for a few days and while I went fishing I got some mean sun burns to the point where now it looks like I’m spotted since I’m not fully done peeling. It was so bad, I was embarrassed to go outside ha.
            Okay, it’s fine everyone thinks it’s funny when I type “ha” at the end of a sentence. It’s just something I do I guess, I laugh a lot and I try not to type “lol” a lot but can’t help it. You make me laugh so I say “ha”, ha.
            I don’t have favorite food, again, I don’t have favorites ha. I don’t know I guess ever since I first watched the episode of “Friends” when Phoebe says, “I don’t have favorite colors because I feel bad for other colors feelings” I had that in my mind all this time and I cannot choose favorites anymore ha. I know I’m weird.

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          • That’s put you in the ‘sweet’ box, not the ‘weird’ one. Thanks for laughing a lot – you have a very beautiful laugh and so it brightens my day up.
            And talking about day – is it your bedtime already? What are you, like 10 hours behind the UK, so it must be about 4am there? I slept for 10 hours last night after doing that hike – it must have taken more out of me than I thought! And yeah, I’m going to peel, for sure! What’s the best thing to do – rub it with a rough towel until it all flakes off, or peel the whole thing off in one layer, like a facemask? πŸ™‚
            I can totally understand that thing about favourites – it makes so much sense. I love Friends too, but you know that Phoebe’s crazy – right? πŸ™‚
            Thanks for explaining the ‘ha’ – not everyone is as kind as you.
            Right, must go a seek out some water and chocolate. Out into the great outdoors! (I’m sat in the car in a hotel car park in Bradford)
            Have a beautiful day, Gaby (my phone keeps wanting to correct that to Baby πŸ™‚ )

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          • By the way I’m so sorry to reply late everyday. I’m always doing nothing all day or just catching them all you know. So I reply when I’m in bed about to go to sleep ha. I guess you can think of it like “save the best for last” you know?

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          • I hope that you are safe and sleepy and you’ve had a really good day. What’s you bed like? Pets? Yeah, I get ‘save the best for last’ – I’m exactly the same with food and all sorts of other stuff. That means that we are ‘pleasure delayers’ and those are the best kinds of people. πŸ™‚
            Sleep well, Gaby – good dreams.

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