Do or do not. There is no try.

Some worthy commentators say that failure is an essential part of life and that we should welcome the experience, learn from it and then, after umpteen cycles, finally succeed.

They often cite the case of babies learning to walk and point out that the poor little blighters fall down many times before they eventually learn to toddle away to live in a squat in Manchester with that creepy bloke from number 46.

Yeah, I kind of see where they are coming from, but wouldn’t it be much better if we showed instructional DVDs to babies about how to walk? Whilst they are watching these we should put them through an intense course of physiotherapy to strengthen those flabby little muscles. And why not consider bringing socially adept toddlers in to give the babies motivational talks. All this before the little mites attempt one single step.

I think that you would then see the failure rate drop right through the floor (instead of the babies). Who’s with me?!