Your Story

Tell me of your dreams
That they may soar into flight
Tell me of your failures
That they may be banished
Tell me of your fears
That they may be conquered
Tell me of your loneliness
That I might know how to give you company
Tell me of how you will pick yourself up
That I might know where to place my hand
Tell me your story – ah, yes – tell me everything.

Robert C. Day
(inspired by


24 thoughts on “Your Story

  1. Very nice and thoughtful musing Robert….been a while since I forced a timeout to wander other people’s blogs. Bit overdue really and humble apologies…and, at the same, a thank you for the referral to the inspirer of this post. One has wandered over and found another previously unfound blog to follow 😊

    Hope alls well my friend 🙃

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