The belief that there is one supreme uncreated God who created everything.

Just imagine, for a moment, that you are God. Imagine that you create a society, on a nice little world somewhere not too close to, but not too far away from the sun. Imagine it’s a real sweet place that has lots of stuff going on. Maybe you start off with a few thousand people (plus a couple of real special ones)  and that these produce other people until you end up with about seven and half billion of them, all doing all sorts of stuff.

And here’s the trick – despite everything running to a really complex script, these people actually believe that they are alive and that they are the ones deciding how they live their lives. Incredible – right?

Then pull back a little. Are you likely to be the only person who has written such a book? If the answer is yes, then you have the first condition for a monotheistic situation. If you yourself have never been ‘created’ and would never be ‘uncreated’, then this is the other condition fulfilled.

However – things being the way they are, the story you create/write is not going to be part of a monotheism simply because loads of other people around here are doing the same as you, which means that books scripts, worlds, civilisations and societies are getting created, side by side with yours, all the time. And hardly any of the characters know about the other sets of characters.

What kind of a civilisation would you like to create? Here are a few things that I would like in my creation:

  • Free ice cream for everyone on hot, sunny days. Of course, something has to give, so there would have to be a tax on scowls (or something like that) so that it could all get paid for.
  • Automatic recording and public playback of arguments. No, not by floating cameras, but recording straight from the minds and eyes of the combatants. For one, this would put people off arguing, for two it would take the bite out of arguments if people know that everyone is watching, and for three it would save us English bods from having to pay a TV licence fee to the BBC, because they wouldn’t actually have to spend any money on dodgy dramas. Yay!
  • England wins every single football match they play. Now you might say that this could get boring (yay – England win the World Cup for the 6th time in a row) but in reality, England would play such beautiful football that it would be a joy to watch. Besides – I would probably arrange for India to win all the cricket and the US to win all the Women’s Beach Volleyball too, and then everybody would be happy – right?
  • Robert’s blog ( gets a thousand followers by the end of 2016 and everybody, and I mean eVeRyBodY loves everything, and I mean eVeRyThiNg he writes from now to the end of time. Nuff said.

I think that would be an absolutely perfect world – what do you think? And if not – how would you create your perfect world if you were a talented and beautiful creator? Just remember this – you are already a talented and beautiful writer. So go for it!


One thought on “Monotheism

  1. I’d like to create a world where everyone has enough to live a decent life by default so nobody goes through pain and suffering. But what they create and build beyond that is their wish 😉


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