Lonely Furrow


(for Maitreyi at https://capricing.wordpress.com/ because she asked)


19 thoughts on “Lonely Furrow

  1. I like what you’ve written and now I feel too inferior to do this too
    LOVE the way you write your own name, by the way.
    And rather inspired by the effort you’ve put into this- word art and colouring the letters in?!

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  2. When you’re talking about multiple people in a sentence, it’s often easier for your audience to separate each character out if you give each one a name. Similarly with multiple locations. Is it possible for you to rewrite your last statement bearing this in mind? Just for the avoidance of doubt and ambiguity you understand. πŸ™‚


    • I do know Frackowiak.
      The last post on my blog is my work.. you’ll notice it isn’t the exact same as what’s on hers. She found a more clever way to use my metaphor and modified it, asked, and I agreed. I think you’re the only follower we have in common so I was.. informing you, I guess.
      Also she’s unable to access her blog, we can’t figure out why.
      That’s all.

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      • You both have the same geo coordinates on your different IP addresses. Different devices in the same location. I’m not going to push it because she asked me not to. I can respect privacy as much as the next person. It’s funny though, because there is someone called That Weird Brown Girl at the same geo location. I was intrigued at first but now I’m not at all sure if I can be bothered. Which is a shame because you all are beautiful and have some fantastic things to say. Such energy, such life, such a jamela.

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  3. That Weird Brown Girl, yes!
    We’re all Indian. So I guess we’ve got the same geo coordinates on our IP addresses.
    I’d still love your opinion on my poem, Robert, because your opinions are of great value to me.

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