An individual selected to bear the blame that properly belongs to a group, e.g. Jesus (the Lamb of God).

This left me wondering what the difference between Jesus and Christ is. I found something about this on the internet (oh what would we do without the internet? me? I’d probably just make things up. hmm – actually I do that anyway (oops – bang go half my devoted and loving followers (yep – that mean you))). Anyways – here’s what I found:

Jesus was born of blood and (Flesh) and was Conscious of the physical material world.
Christ was born of God (Spirit) and is Conscious of the Spiritual World.

How cool is that? Note particularly the different tenses in those two statements.

Okay – let’s get down to business. When you think about it, being a scapegoat is all about Conflict, which is one one of the seven key elements of fiction (in case you were wondering, the others are Plot, Setting, Dialogue, Point of View, Style and Character (according to a book I bought just the other day for just 50 British pence – a bargain)).

There are three types of conflict:

  • Man against Man. Or more commonly – Man against Woman if my experience of life has taught me anything at all. Don’t ask me why this is so – I’m just an amateur at relationships. I still haven’t figured out why toilet-lid-down is the default position yet!
  • Man versus Himself. Ah, now this I know plenty about. I’m forever fighting with myself over which side of the bed I should sleep on. And if I have one more argument with myself over about cheese slices then I swear that that guard in the supermarket is never going to let me shop there again. Ever.
  • Man and Nature. Hmm, what’s this about then? It’s either about crocodile wrestling or maybe something about something like global warming. Yeah – that’s it: Ma Nature fighting back against the indignities mankind has wrought on her fair face. There’s a lot of fiction on this theme – Michael Crichton seems to do it a lot, what with dinosaurs, bugs and nanobots wreaking havoc left, right and straight down the middle.

I could probably think of a few more types of conflict actually:

  • Man on God. I mean, just think about all those superhero movies. Those musclebound hulks are just proxies for God really. I mean, some of them even are even related to God, like Thor, Jesus Christ (Superstar), Krishna etc.
  • Man fighting Aliens. Is there anyone else here who’s totally looking forward to seeing the next Independence Day movie? I think I’ve made my point, yes?
  • Man battling Technology. Yeah, now we’re talking! Robots, sentient telephone networks, video game characters from space, rogue toasters, the revenge of the electronic cuckoo clocks, wind up toys that just won’t lay down and die, industrial assembly line robots that decide to paint all new cars neon pink, tractors that evolve into killer machines that take their hideous revenge on the young farmers who refused to change their oil all year, killer zippers bent on cutting off … And that’s quite enough of that thank you very much.

Well, I’ve quite forgotten what all this has to do with scapegoats, but that’s alright – I had an enormous amount of fun along the way. And at the end of the day, enjoying oneself truly is the most important thing going. Oh, apart from being exceedingly nice, that is.

Agree or disagree – just have fun while you’re doing it, my friend.


34 thoughts on “Scapegoat

  1. Here I was all ready to dig into some heavy theological dissection, and instead, down the writers rabbit hole we flew. 😄

    This is fun stuff, and your brain fascinates me. I’ll be diving into the conflict/scapegoat/religion whirlpool later this weekend when I (hopefully) have time to put all of my fingers to use on the keys. Thank you for always throwing a bone out to the writhing mass of undulating writers that hover near one another here. Your prompts (that I’ve seen so far) are proving to be thought provoking and I look forward to reading more from you. ✌

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    • What an evocative phrase – ‘writhing mass of undulating writers’ – I guess you truly are a writer if you can let fly with something like that! Not that I had any doubt you understand. 🙂
      Have you written something long?
      Oh, and yeah – your brain is equally fascinating. Here’s to an productive exchange of ideas!
      Kindest – Robert.

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  2. Rob, you are such a humorous writer. So funny. Love this @Well, I’ve quite forgotten what all this has to do with scapegoats, but that’s alright.

    Heyyyyyy, I’m a Christian and I didn’t even know that about Jesus and Christ. Totally makes sense. So totally makes sense. Love it. Thanks so much for that. Because as a Christian, I believe that Jesus was fully man, and fully God. Seeing that separation now makes it even that much more clear.

    Rob, I don’t know if you got my comment I’ve written this week. I remember you saying that they were going into your spam. If you haven’t received them, just check your spam or comments section ok. Sometimes WP does some funky stuff. Hahaha.
    Have a super weekend. I’m kicking it off by going out for dinner with the hubs. Last Sunday was Brazil’s ‘Valentine’s Day’.

    🙂 🙂

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  3. I was going to comment earlier but then I got caught up in paying bills (Ugh!) and making sure my accounts were balanced. Me against money perhaps. I have read many stories with lots of conflict. Man against the supernatural, man against machines, (great subject I think) and perhaps machines against man is even more interesting. I love the man against nature or, even better, nature against man. There are a lot of stories like that going both ways. About the zippers, I have problems with them at times but never the problem you mentioned… LOL. About the toilet lid, I don’t much care. The toilet seat, on the other hand, is a different matter. But since I’m living by myself it’s always seat down here and I have met some men who are very considerate about the toilet seat. They always put it down when they are done. My son-in-law is great that way.

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    • I can’t imagine that you would have had that problem with the zipper, Orpha – unless you were previously called Norman. 😀 (sorry about that)
      And as for the toilet seat – thanks for that graphic!
      All kindness to you and your rocking taste in novel and movie themes. You could send me some recommendations if you like. 😉


  4. Love the humor in your posts Robert! I don’t know how many times I’ve said this already!!! 😀
    A book for 50p?! Was it at a car boot sale? That’s where I bought all my books from when I was in Cambridge 😉

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  5. I must say that I’ve never heard of a car boot sale. I could go to the silly side of my nature and say that I didn’t know that cars wore boots but I won’t…. quite. I know what the boot of a car is if you are speaking British English but I’m pretty sure we don’t do those here. Here we do garage sales or yard sales instead. Different strokes for different folks.
    I find it strangely wonderful how we call car parts by different names. We say trunk, you say boot. We say hood, you say bonnet. We fill our cars up with gas while you fill it up with petrol which actually makes more sense to me! The list goes on and on but I shan’t. The automobile (aka car) was invented and we had to have names for the various parts. So off we went in our own directions and what a wonderful conglomeration of words arrived.

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      • Actually we have a neighborhood yard sale every so often. Not sure if we are doing it this year or not. When I was living with my daughter while I was waiting for my house to be built they had neighborhood yard sale. Thing is, each person sets up his/her stuff in a garage or in their yard and you can wander from yard to yard or garage to garage. Some people love to go to yard sales but I never have, really. I did sell some stuff at a yard sale but my daughter and son-in-law really did the selling as I had to work that day. I had a largish box of books that I no longer wanted and some people saw something in that box that the just had to have. They bought the whole box of books as though it was a treasure. It’s true… one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I’m glad my unwanted books found a good home.

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      • Me too! I hate the thought of books getting destroyed. I once saw someone selling books in the rain and they were getting so wet that I could tell that they were going to have to be thrown away soon. I was none to impressed.
        So you do have multi-yard sales! That must be so cool to wander around, and an ideal way to get to know your neighbours. 🙂


  6. Robert, I love how you were able to spin “Scapegoat” into “conflict”, one of the seven key elements of fiction. Wonderful write up. I wouldn’t be keeping you on your toes if I didn’t mention one word, Azazel. 😉 Please enjoy the last bit of Saturday and have a wonderful Sunday! ~ Mia 🙂

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    • Thanks Mia. 🙂
      … the goat of Azazel (now usually known as the “scapegoat”) was made the subject of a more striking ceremony. The high priest laid his hands upon its head and confessed over it the sins of the people. Then the victim was handed over to a man standing ready for the purpose, and, laden as it was with these imputed sins, it was “led forth to an isolated region,” and then let go in the wilderness.
      I knew about the goat, but not its name so thanks for that too.
      Did you tell me you live in California, or was that someone else?

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      • Robert, is there anything you don’t know? 🙂 Yes, I believe I did mention California, where it never rains, ha-ha. 😉 But it could have been someone else too! Hoping there is some relaxation in your day tomorrow! Please take care and be well. ~ Mia

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      • Relaxation? Hmm – see previous message. 😀
        Hope you get some rain. 😉
        There are lots of blanks, Mia but I look forward to us filling them – if you are amenable.
        Care and wellness coming your way across the Atlantic and a whole continent. 🙂

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      • I’m walking the three Yorkshire peaks in July with my brother in law. He’s ex army and has muscles on muscles and he’s worried about it. I’m much more self-deluded than that and don’t see it as being a problem. It’s 24 miles up and down the biggest peaks in Yorkshire. Do you think maybe I should start to do some exercise, like maybe walk up and down the stairs a few times? 🙂
        Yeah – I’m chilling at work now. How are you this fine and friendly Monday morning, Mia?

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      • Yeah, I was planning to saunter out into the wilderness wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a pack of sandwiches clutched in my grubby little hand. Then I got told that it’s going to take us the best part of 12 hours to do this and (get this) no corner shops at the top where I can load up on tasty snacks. What’s with this country?!
        So sorry to hear that you’re getting a heat wave – I’ve been to India a few time and I know that this can be incredibly uncomfortable. Hope your A/C is working okay – and you have plenty of fluids to hand.
        ‘schedule’ begs a question, as does ‘time plays games’, although the latter is probably something to do with getting interested in stuff and then wondering where the time went. Happens to me all the time!
        Be good, Mia. Hope your Tuesday is all you dreamed (dreamt?) it would be. 🙂

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