Raging around and through you is an immense, all pervading, cosmos spanning battle between:

  • Asha (truth, order, justice, creation and righteousness) and
  • Druj (falsehood, deceit, chaos, natural decay and the lie).

You – the soul have been sent into the mortal world to collect the experiences of life and to help asha by having ‘good thoughts, good words, good deeds’.

Now if that isn’t an awesome plot for a novel, I’ll eat my fingernails!

Yeah, yeah – I know – it’s all been done before, and with a variety of protagonist: fluffy bunnies (Watership Down), hobbits (LOTR), moles (Duncton Wood), small waterside creatures (The Wind in the Willows) and various other critters (A Game of Thrones).

But never, in the history of forever, has this been attempted using the contents of my top drawer at work!


Fear not, thou shalt be englobed with wyrd knowings and fierce delights at some future date. But rest assured now, my fine furry friends – battle is joined!

Who shall claim victory by strength of will and arms? Who shall fail – slippery in blood, at first hurdle? And who shall narrate this tale of woe and consequence? Step forward Sir Swiss Chocolate – the floor is thine!

Actually, much in the way that The Silmarillion is a scene setter for LOTR, here is a soupçon of mythical prehistory for the epic … nay heroic tale that will unfold in times to come: The Chocolate Bar who wanted to be an SSD.

65 thoughts on “Zoroastrianism

  1. Interesting post 😀 Actually I expected a boring page on the emergence and rise of Zoroastrianism.But I was taken by surprise ! A drawer full of things which are to become the characters of a novel ! Whoa! You are creatively funny !Looking forward to the novel ! 😀

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  2. There’s the chocolate again. Hahaha. You’re swiss chocolate guy, are ya? I’m more of a dark chocolate girl. Mmmmmmm. Love the stuff. But heck ya, that would make quite the book. What is an SSD by the way?
    Hmmmm, so that’s your top desk drawer eh. What do you do Rob? I mean, what is your job?
    Hope you’re having (or had) a great day.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

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