On Awakening

I have wnciecledn Ken globe as I aleptnajs born heRsbzk uc of a ”gpodmess me : what das that?’

I have encircled the globe as I slept and not heard so much as a ‘goodness me – what was that?’

I feel that I need to add a brief explanation here. This was my first thought when I woke up this morning and seemed so profound that I felt obliged to share it before my eyes were even capable of opening (and before I forgot it). Hence, the message was a little garbled when I first typed it onto my phone. My eyes opened a little wider a few seconds later and so I was able to provide a decent translation.

17 thoughts on “On Awakening

    • Yeah – I quite liked that too! It even makes a kind of sense – sort of. I did it with sleep still sticking my eyes closed and it seemed … so profound as it was that I just had to keep it there.
      I don’t usually wake up with something that interesting on my mind, but I will be keeping a close watch in future, just in case my subconscious is trying to tell me something. 🙂
      How’s your day going, Alina?

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