I see sisters prostituting and I don’t like city streets so I’m a heading for the countryside where the air is fresh and sweet, to get some cool meditation.” (Third World)

Communication with a reality that goes beyond the typically limited experience of consciousness requires that consciousness be transformed in some way. Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness.

Believe me, these words feel better on the inside than from the outside. Using meditation to get high, instead of drugs or drink is a tad unconventional – but it’s clean and free. And high you must get if you’re to write something more interesting than a shopping list.

If you’re serious about writing, you should have before you some method of recording your words. If not – why you reading this?

Breathing through your head is quite an effective meditation. Suck in a big breath of air, but instead of putting it into your lungs, direct it upwards and let it curl around the inside of your skull like a frosty breeze. Let it rush inside your forehead and wash those thoughts – up, back, down and out of your head. As you breathe out feel those thoughts shoot out of your neck, down your spine out through the base of your body (yep – that’s what I mean – shoot them out your ass like them is bad monkeys). Continue to do this until you start to feel light headed.

Light is what you need. Thoughts can be real heavy and without them you will find yourself floating away like a taraxacum’s paroxysm (yeah – I know – this is a test – fart that bad monkey right out).

Keep breathing.

Ever lighter.

Float up.




Stay in this feeling and write.

46 thoughts on “Meditation

    • Ah, you caught me out! I was trying to make people think that they were entering some higher plane of consciousness, when really – all they were doing was getting more oxygen to the brain. If you ever feel depressed, try breathing deeply for a couple of minutes – its a wonderful tonic! 😀
      Thanks for dropping by Alina. I just popped by your blog and found that you are a talented artist. 🙂

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      • I also find its immensely useful when getting stressed or anxious, some nice deep breathing does wonders for it. I couldn’t help dropping by, I like reading the things you write and love the way you write them!

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          • I’m loving it! Its a nice place in the middle of writing tips and spiritual insight, a combination that makes writing feel like so much more than pen and paper (or word and keyboard). ^^

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          • I’m basing the titles on those in a book called ‘1001 ideas that Changed the World’ and right now I’m on 1,500 BCE when a lot of the good idea came from India. I guess we’ll have to wait a couple of thousand years before ‘the west’ thinks up anything worthwhile. 😀

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          • Now that is the question isn’t it! In the short term graduate (I hope), attend my wedding, but the long term? I hope to find myself doing something that I love as much as it will love me. Can’t say I’ve ever been one for planning my life out in great detail though. Much happier to live and see where I go =)

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          • I’m 100% sure that you will graduate and … wha?! Wedding? Well congratulations! You kept that quiet! 😀
            Ah well, if you’re getting married then you’re partner will decide your future for you. 😉 You happy to sit back and see that happen?
            Ugh – battery dying and still 3 miles from home.

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          • I’ve been with the same man since I was 17, and by this point I can safely assume that he wouldn’t want to decide anything for me that I wouldn’t enjoy so maybe I will. Personally though, I’m thinking culinary school would be a fun passion to follow once I have graduated! Where has life taken you Robert? Especially so you have so little battery so far from home?

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          • My feet took me on walk by the river Ouse – I took the long way home from work and finally arrived here at 8pm, hungry and yet too tired to cook. Life has taken me to many places – I hope to write a big, fat hairy blog about them so I’ll keep you in suspenders until then. 😉 At least that’ll put a smile on your man’s face! 😀
            Culinary school? Cook me a meal and send it to me by express courier – I’m sooooo hungry, Alina!! Mercy!

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          • I shall await it eagerly! When I do, I shall try, but I’m not sure couriers are the best to send food with =P and a long walk sounds lovely in this weather. I’ve been sequestered in an sweltering attic painting over things I painted ages ago >.<

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          • Yeah – it was nice to stretch my legs after having been chained to my desk all day working for the man. What you did sounds interesting though – what did you paint – new oil paintings on old canvas?
            Prolly right about the food. Make me get up and get some food then, Alina. 🙂

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          • I have a painting that I started years ago, little tiny bit by little bit. I was looking at it today, uninspired and restless, when I realised that I could take it forward without having to keep everything that it was the same. So now it has blue and peach and pink where before it was just green and brown!
            Food is a delightful thing that is full of joy, go find something that will make standing up worth every little bit of effort!

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      • Hahah…..That was the point, another name for anarchist. I don’t know. I am thinking on reinventing my site again with new title and new name. Any ideas?

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        • I already love your profile photograph and if I wanted to be anyone else it would be with that face. I’m not so enamoured with sepia as a colour scheme – it makes me feel sad and nostalgic. Anarchism? Hmm – not so much. Anna Kiss ‘Em – much more so. 🙂
          I would just add some colour – maybe a bunch of vibrantly coloured flowers sticking out of the keyboard to add contrast and signal intent. And then I would add killer content – that means to write stuff that I really like and tag it so that it attracts people that really like me.
          Having said that – you are absolutely great the way you are – that’s why I follow you and read your posts and smile when I see your face pop up on my feed.
          Have a beautiful day and talk to me soon and often. 🙂

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  1. Meditation is fruitful in this hardcore life.It the one who give us life without going doctor .It needs to be proper care and need to share other so that everyone can lead healthy life. Daily i mediated at about 4 am where every soul sleep and there is cam every where.It is the best time to awaken our self… shanti!

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  2. I always love meditation early in the morning when I only hear is the morning species around. It gives me so much of fulfillment and quality time for myself. Another great piece of work from you! Thanks for sharing Robert.

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