Exercise and Diet


Unhealthy lifestyles are rooted in the mind and seeded in the soul. The spiritual exercise of the mind involves taking the mind out of the physical body and to the subtle body of light and then to our state of being a soul – a sentient point of light and power. As for diet control, pure thoughts are the healthy diet for the mind. Creative thoughts are like vitamins and positive thoughts provide proteins that build will power.

Source: http://www.brahmakumaris.org/uk/thoughts


41 thoughts on “Exercise and Diet

  1. Interesting. I like to think of my mental wellbeing to be connected to the physical, emotional and spiritual. Like a holistic thing. Well being of the entire self. And when I meditate, I meditate on something that I can be mentally alert about and actually think about and ponder. I think the eastern mysticism idea of meditation is a sort of ‘clearing the mind’, or an ’emptying of the mind’, right?
    Have a great weekend Rob. πŸ™‚

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    • There are, so it seems, 2 things: meditation, which focuses on cleaning out the mind of unsuitable thoughts and then once the mind is clear you ice on to the second thing, which is yoga. This means connection. You can connect to anything I guess, but your best bet us to connect to God. This us why you need to start with meditation – because it feels much nicer to have God in your home when you have done a spot of cleaning first. I suppose its just the same as when your mother in law visits your home (or anyone really). You would always do some measure of tidying up and cleaning first – right? πŸ™‚
      It was lovely of you to visit, Staci – what are you doing this weekend? I spent the morning walking and reading, the afternoon clearing out the garage, dinnertime eating out at friends and the evening (so far) sitting in a cafe while people go round the shops looking for stuff to ooo and aaah over and possibly buy. Fun, fun, fun for sure! πŸ™‚

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      • Hey Rob, how are ya? Sorry for the delay in my reply. I usually don’t end up getting around to blogging on the weekends, and this weekend especially was quite full. On Saturday, my hubby and I went to an event called, ‘Art and Prose’. It’s a place where artists get together, some perform, some share their work, some exhibit (like I was asked to this time, and so that’s why I was there and that’s what I did). There’s a discussion on the arts and it’s influence and it’s meaning. There was also a snack/coffee time. The venue was really cool and arsy like, being held in a music school, which actually looked like a house.
        Anyhow, sounds like you had a lovely Saturday.
        I have daily quiet times, where I pray, read and connect with God. They are necessary for life and fulfillment. I posted Friday about this relationship with God and the ‘Shantih'(referring to T.S. Eliot’s ‘The Wasteland’, of which I’m a fan), meaning ‘peace that passes all understanding.’
        Have a great week Rob. Don’t get into too much trouble. πŸ˜‰

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      • Sounds like you had a great time on Saturday – what did you talk about when it was your turn to speak?
        I love how you call him Hubby – how sweet is that! If he speaks Portuguese – did you learn it for him? Ah – too many questions.
        I have quiet times too, where I meditate and connect with God (Raja Yoga). Usually at 4am although I given that just before I go to bed is a better time for me.
        I will read your post. Peace is of great interest to me – especially when it is of the variety that surpasseth all understanding.
        Trouble? Whatever can you mean? πŸ˜‰

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      • Oh yea, Saturday was good. I actually didn’t speak. I just exhibited my stuff. I may end up singing next time, together with a friend of mine that is a musician.
        Hahaha. Yea, he’s my hubby. I actually call him, ‘Amor’, which is ‘Love’ in Portuguese (and Spanish).
        I actually started learning Portuguese in Asia, and then in Canada, before I even met him. He learned some English from me actually.
        Holy moly! 4:00am. Now that’s courageous. I am sooooo not a morning person. Never have been, and never will be. Hahaha. Apart from the fact that my daughter starts school at 7:oo am. Ugh.
        Hmmmmmmm @whatever can you mean?

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      • It’s just because 4am is such a quiet time – it makes it easier to concentrate.
        That’s so sweet! Imagine being reminded of love in such an intimate and beautiful way. Dare I ask what he calls you? πŸ™‚
        You should get someone to video you singing and then blog it – I bet that would be a popular post.
        And yes – phenomenally gifted with languages too! πŸ˜€
        I’m just walking by the river in the sun now – it’s so very beautiful.

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      • I guess he calls me ‘Amor’ or ‘Staci’, just as I do (but of course I don’t call him ‘Staci’. Hahahaha. I would call him Daniel).
        You know Rob, I have a couple of projects in my mind at the moment. One of them is a devotional book called, ‘Art and Devotion’, and the other is called, ‘Poetry in Song’. I have put music to a number of my poems and want to record them. I am wanting to start a Vlog actually, and on that vlog I would share poetry, songs and thoughts. Don’t know when I’ll finally get to it, but I’m working on it.
        Thanks for the encouragement. Soooooo appreciated.
        That sounds absolutely lovely @walking by the river in the sun. I’m sure it’s breathtaking.

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      • Home!
        I’m too tired to cook now so I just had a bag of crisps to stave off the hunger pangs. Food, food, food.
        Having heard you singing (and having written your own songs to boot) I know that you are fully capable of carrying off both projects. It’s just a question of the time and support you can get I suppose.
        Which platforms can you get a vlog on? I suppose YouTube comes to mind, but it’s not very … spiritual. Are there platforms that are church run/supported?
        I suppose the other big one is iTunes, but you’re talking about money now.
        I’d love to know more about this project. You are rather an inspiration, Staci – you know that?
        Food, food, food!

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      • Ohhh, haha. Thanks so much Rob. And that is the big problem actually – time. I just can’t seem to get enough of it. Haha.
        I would just use Youtube. I didn’t even know that you could have a vlog through iTunes.
        Thank you so much Rob. You are a great encourager, did ya know that? πŸ™‚
        Hope you ate some good food.

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      • It’s been a couple of days now, so I’ve eaten several times since then, and eaten well too. πŸ™‚
        Not sure that iTunes do vlogs either, but I know that you can sell videos on that platform.
        An encourager? Me? Someone as talented as you barely needs encouraging – that’s all I can say!


    • good read! I believe that our thoughts drive our physiology. The cells in our body react to everything your mind tells it, for example, when you become nervous and you feel those butterflies, that is a change in physiology..

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