Caste System

There are four kinds of writers:

  1. Brahmins. In life them does tend to do hinterlectual things like be priests and teachers. Them people as what is  like this does think that they is better than the other writers. Them does write literary books full a wonderful descriptions of the tiniest things. Them does also think that them can write poetry and also that them can hunerstand poetry but this is rarely true.
  2. Kshatriyas. Politicians and soldiers and the like is good examples of what them does do. Them is doers what does do stuff. Them does write action books about war and the like, and all that running about that what them’s characters do is what them is like in them own heads too.
  3. Vaishyas. A big part of them is farmers and traders because this is typical a what doers and devotees do. Them kind is what does write knowledge books like hencyclopedias and other books that does tell how to do things. Them does also read a lot a them technical manuels for pleasure.
  4. Shudras. Tradition say that them is all servants and serfs, but them is devotees that does love God with all them heart so it don’t make sense to say that them is less than anybody. If them does write at all it is to say that peas and rice needs to be got from the shops. Or maybe if them is a little smart them does write list of things – one, two, three, four and all of that.

And the beautiful thing is that all of these people are capable of producing lovely blogs – and many of them do.

What kind of blog are you sharing with the world right now?



54 thoughts on “Caste System

  1. Me like. 🙂
    I really like my blogger friends from India. You know, when I lived in Jaipur, the big Brazilian tv station started filming a novela that touched on the issue of castes and relationships amongst them. Like an ‘untouchable’ in a secret relationship with a woman from a higher caste…

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    • Sounds like it’s a big thing! I do hope the relationship worked out. I know a lot of people with Indian ethnicity, whose parents and grandparents left India, and I get the impression that they do not miss the caste system one little bit! Do you happen to know what the novella is called, or perhaps the author? This is the kind of thing I like to read (and experience). My biggest interest is in how different cultures interact, specifically how one person from one culture enters a different culture and how they act and interact and feel in that new culture. Hey, wait a minute – isn’t that what you are doing? 😀

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  2. Amazing post… And hilarious on many levels 😉 I’m an Indian… Have seen the caste system at its worst… Caste came into picture as a social order to distribute the important chores in the society… God knows why eventually it turned out into a matter of ‘ high ‘ and ‘low’! But I love how you’ve interpreted caste in terms of blogs… I’m going to read it a second time right away 😀

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    • Wow, that’s really nice of you to say that, Aishwarya – thanks for that! 🙂
      Of course – you know that I just made all that stuff up, right? I have no more idea of how the different castes write than the man in the moon (oh – wait – that might be a British thing – from what I remember I don’t think that you can see the man in the moon in India. Not unless you turn your head right around!)
      Good to know that my humorous intent came through. 😀
      Hope you’re having a lovely Thursday, Aishwarya.
      p.s. Is today a good day for a Gravatar? 😉

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  3. It still prevails in India in the era of 21 century.Many politicians win only due to this difference but people need to see far from it that is we all are the son of one God .Nice post

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  4. hello brother!

    Good Morning !

    how have you been?

    Well! In Nepal too we have the same caste system!

    Its interesting to read it in terms of blog!

    Love the way! ur mind n imaginations work!

    take care brother

    lots of love n smiles


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